A unique spectacle will be experienced by the Greeks in the evening from 8 o’clock to dawn. They will have the opportunity to see the “full moon of worms” .

It is a magical … spring moon where the full moon of March 20 coincides even with the spring equinox.

Surprisingly, the name of this full moon does not refer to the romantic character of other moons … as it is called by many “super full moons of worms”. The reason is no more than the temperature rises and the first worms … make their appearance.

By the term “super-moon” or “super moon” we mean the phenomenon in which the Earth’s satellite is at its closest distance to our planet because of its orbit. So it looks brighter and bigger than any full moon of time.

According to the American magazine Newsweek, astronomers estimate that March’s full moon will look about 14% brighter than usual. This is the last hope of the year, as we will see a similar phenomenon again in 2020.

The term “super-moon” is used to describe the Earth’s satellite when it is at the closest distance to our planet due to its orbit.


Why the name “full of worms moon?

During this time, the moon appears larger and brighter than usual. The “worm” part of the name comes as Native American traditions, marking the time each year when Earth worms began to reemerge from the cold ground as spring drew near. … Tonight’s full moon is the last Super Moon of the year

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