This is the Christmas Celebration Program of KEDIKE

MUNICIPAL CINEMATOGRAPH 21-22-23 December 2018

⍟ Municipal Theater “Kefalos”, in the MUNICIPAL FILM, the Greek film “AEGAIO SOS ” is screened .

hours of screenings:  Friday 9.30, Saturday 7.00 pm & 9.30 pm and Sunday 7.00 pm  With: Thodoris Atheridis, Panos Vlachos, Evangelia Syriopoulou, Michalis Levendogiannis. Directed by Pierros Andrakakos.

When, after an earthquake, a rocky island emerges in the sea area between Rhodes and Turkish beaches, a group of Greek commandos and smugglers sail down upon it, and the feudal fever around them rises vertically.

FRIDAY 21 December 2018

⍟ Time 6.00pm The Christmas Bazaar of schools and clubs in Christmas Village and we will decorate the Tree of Love to gather food, which will be distributed through the Social Grocery of the Municipality of Kefalonia.

The Mandolina of Kefalonia, under the direction of Socrates Benos, accompanies the action with Christmas Melodies and the Cultural Association of Tzannatas takes us tsipouro to warm up. The beautiful atmosphere is complemented by Magician OSCAR.

SATURDAY 22 & SUNDAY December 23, 2018 : at the Christmas Village at Vallianou Square, IEK Kefalonia’s Department of Cosmetic Art & Makeup participates in celebrations featuring children’s makeup of Christmas designs.

SATURDAY 22 December 2018

⍟ Time: 11.00am at the  Korgialenio Library , in co-organization with KEDI.KE. Children, we are waiting for you at the Korgialenios Library of Argostoli on Saturday 22/12, at 11.00 am. to tell the well-known popular Christmas tale “Callo and the Kalikantzaroi in the mill” with the theatrical educator Kalliopi Liosatou. Come on, play theatrical plays and shadow theater with our bodies, become cake-makers, and make Christmas handicrafts and ornaments with art teacher Eva Danelatou.

⍟ Time 6.30 pm  in Argostoli Municipal Theater “Kefalos” , Hall Antiochus Evangelatou Christmas concert of the mandolin of K.E.DI.KE . under the direction of the conductor Dionysis Pagoulatos.

⍟ Time: 8.00 pm . at the Cultural Center of Kourkoumelata   CHRISTMAS CONCERT of the Departments of KEDI.KE, Choir & Mandolinatas Leivathous & the Livadhous Music Choral Workshop under the direction of Vassilis Kalogrianas. Free entrance.

SUNDAY December 23, 2018

⍟  Lixouri  Time: 5.30 pm The Lixouri Choir of KEDI.KE. “Tzortzis Dellaporta  says the carols to the Lixouri Charity Institutions and then to the city market.

SUNDAY December 23, 2018

⍟ 7.30 pm , at the Cultural Center of IM Kefallinia

“ApostolosPaflos” , CHRISTMAS CONCERTO the Children’s Choir of K.E.DI.KE . Friendly participation, excellent artists:

Tenor D. Sigalos, Pianist D. Yakas

Come to sing Christmas melodies from all over the world and get into the spirit and meaning of Christmas !!! Artistic Director Angelos Mourelatos.

⍟  Time: 7.00pm The Livathos Philharmonic of KEDI.KE. Charilaos Chorafas, under the direction of the archbishop Gregory Vangelatos, will walk through the Kambana Square, Lithostroto up to the square in the Christmas Village, playing the Days of Carols and other melodies.

MONDAY 24 December 2018

⍟ pg 12.00m. At Kampana Square Concert with SIGNIORI Band and there he will go for a walk through Santa Claus to meet the children and take a photo with him . Organization of KEDI.KE. ⍟ The Sami Philharmonic “Tema Amurgis”, under the direction of the archbishop Gerassimos Georgopoulos in the morning, walking through the streets of Sami and Agia Efimia, playing traditional carols and other melodies.

⍟ώρα: 6.00pm, Perezada of Men’s and Children’s Choir of KEDI.KE, under the direction of conductor Angelos Mourelatos. Christmas Christmas melodies and Christmas carols in the Christmas village on the square and the Lytostroto.

⍟ In the afternoon the Argostoli Philharmonic of KEDI.KE. “Dionysios Lavragas” under the direction of the archbishop Vasilis Perlikidis will tour the Lytostroto, playing the Christmas carols and other melodies of the days.

TUESDAY, 25 December 2018

⍟ Good evening at 10.00 am, the Sami Philharmonic “Them Amurgis”, under the direction of the conductor Gerasimos Georgopoulos, will spread festive sounds & carols in Omalas

WEDNESDAY, 26 December 2018

⍟ Gymnasium Argostoli Anthony tritsis the Tournament Basketball Solidarity “Fotis Tsilimidou ‘ from 2.30pm for athletes of all ages. At the Entrance free food contribution for the Municipality’s Social Grocery and the Philoptochon Fund of the Capital. Co-organization Kefallinias A.O. 2013 & KEDI.KE.

⍟ at 8.00pm in the Christmas village on Singapore Street Strings mix different kinds of music by drawing material mainly from Latin, Fuk, Disco and Swing cultures.

Visit for more information. Organization of KEDI.KE.

THURSDAY 27 December 2018

⍟  time: 5.00 p.m. in the ARGOSTOLI Covered Gym

Children will be waiting for you in the snowy Christmas village of Santa Claus, the elves with music and … surprises to enjoy the                                                                                                                                                                                                   “CHRISTMAS DENNIS”.

A special Christmas event for children and not only!

ENTRY:  FREE for ALL !!! (HEI of Kefalonia, co-organization of PEDIN, KEDIKE)

THURSDAY 27 December 2018

⍟ at 20.00 at the Municipal Theater of Argostoli “Kefalos” , KEDI.KE. has secured the award-winning four-award-winning Tony Theatrical Overproduction “THE KING AND I” , directed by BartlettSher.

The award-winning musical “The King and I”, a brand new theatrical production screened at the LondonPalladium Flagship Theater.

A production by leading artists Rodgers and Hammerstein, starring KelliO’Hara in the role of Anna and KenWatanabe in the role of the King, in a performance that honored both of them with great critics, Tony awards and sequel soldout performances in New York and London! General Admission: € 8.00

⍟ Lixouriora 8.30pm at the Lixouri Indoor Gymnasium Concert of the Lixouri Philharmonic under the direction of the arch-musician Charalambos Makris. Free entrance.

⍟  THURSDAY 27 &  FRIDAY 28th  December  from 11.00am to 13.00pm in the Christmas village of “KIPEKI’S STREET”, theater playwright Kalliopi Liosatou will entertain the children with narratives and readings of favorite festive fairytales as well as a play with the adorable charmers, Santa’s elves and other dear friends of the children. Organization of KEDI.KE.

MUNICIPAL CINEMA 28 & 30 December 2018

⍟The Municipal Theater “Kefalos”, in the MUNICIPAL CINEMA, the animated film


Preparation time: 4.30 μm in D format and 6.30 in D format

& Sunday Time: 4.30 to form and 6.30 in the form of .

SEPTEMBER 29, 2018

⍟ at 11.00am in Bell Square, the PALMOS 98,3 in cooperation with the organizing K.E.DI.KE Great Christmas Celebration of Children. Our young friends will have the pleasure of playing theatrical and other psychomotor games in the spirit of the days with the theatrical educator Kalliopi Liosatou, as well as creating beautiful festive handicrafts and ornaments with the art teacher Eva Danelatou. That’s where Santa will show up to meet the children and shoot with them .

SEPTEMBER 29, 2018

⍟ Time: 5.00 pm in the closed gym of LIXOURIO

Children will be waiting for you in the snowy Christmas village of Santa Claus, the elves with music and … surprises to enjoy the ” CHRISTMAS DENIER”

A special Christmas event for children and not only !!!


SEPTEMBER 29, 2018

⍟ at 21.00  at the Municipal Theater of Argostoli “Kefalos”, KEDI.KE. presents Eleni Dimou  in a unique concert  ” Songs to the Light 

Great successes, and songs we know less, Eleni Dimou comes as a hug to remind us and reveal it to us in this wonderful place that is also a reference to music. General Admission: € 13.

SUNDAY 30th December 2018

⍟ at 11.00am on Christmas village square, p lathoume Christmas delicacies with courtesy store PREMIER , and Cairns visitors.Also, Eva Danelatou from the Visual Workshop of KEDI.KE. in Christmas constructions with children.

⍟ hour 7.00pm Concert with the band MONTENERO with songs and songs of light folk music . Organization of KEDI.KE.

⍟ Lixouriora 12.00pm in the central square of Lixouri , Santa Claus comes and presents gifts to our little friends, is photographed with them and gives them their best wishes for a year with health and progress !!

⍟ Erisos  The FilarmonikiSamis “Themos Amourgis’ of K.E.DI.KE. within the d / Department of conductor Gerasimus Georgopoulos from 9 a.m. to strew joyful festive tunes & carol in the region Erisou .

MONDAY 31 December 2018 New Year’s Eve .

⍟ Po 11.00 am to 13.00 pm in the Christmas village in plateiasto “HOUSE OF KEDIKE” the theatropaidagogos Calliope Liosatou will entertain children with stories and readings favorite festive tales and dramatic play with adorable kalikantzarakia, the Santa’s elves and other dear friends of children. Organization of KEDI.KE.

⍟ The Sami Philharmonic of KEDI.KE. “Them of Amorgis” under the direction of the archbishop Gerasimos Georgopoulos from 9.00am will be spreading happy festive melodies and carols in the villages of Pylairos .

⍟ At Lithostroto of Argostoli, with “Potrerama”, we continue the custom of Last Day of Time, beginning early in the afternoon. Filmmakers & groups with carols and canas and other melodies will all bid farewell to the time it leaves.

In the morning the Argostoli Philharmonic of KEDI.KE. “Dionysios Lavragas” under the direction of archbishop Vasilis Perlikidis will tour Argostoli playing carols and other melodies.

⍟ The Sami Philharmonic of KEDI.KE. “Themos Amourgis” under the direction of the archbishop Gerasimos Georgopoulos from 6.00pm will play the traditional carols in the Principles and the shops of Argostoli.

In the afternoon from 7.00pm the “Dionysios Lavragas” Philharmonic Orchestra in a musical passage at Kambana Square, Lytostroto, Christmas Village, spreading melodic sounds & carols in the festive atmosphere of the city.

TUESDAY 1 the  January 2019 New Year

⍟ In the morning the Argostoli Philharmonic of KEDI.KE. Dionysios Lavragas, as every year, will go to Argostoli, welcoming the new season, playing the New Year’s Carols and other melodies.

⍟ at 9:00 a.m. The Band Leivathous “Harilaos Corraface ‘in the S / Division of conductor Gregory Vagelatou will scatter joyful festive tunes & carol in Livatho.

⍟ 9.00am The Sami Philharmonic of KEDI.KE. Themis Amorgis, under the direction of the archbishop Gerasimos Georgopoulos, will tour Sami and the villages of the area, playing the New Year’s Carols.

⍟ 4: 00pm at LIXOURIO Gymnasium … TOMBOLA !!

The old game “Tombola” … Get cards and who knows you can be the first lucky players of the new year …

Co-organizers KEDIKE Palaxyloukos NEOL and National Lixouri. 

THURSDAY January 3  , 2019 at 11.00 am, at the event hall of KAPI of Argostoli , theater playwright Kalliopi Liosatou, will narrate the Christmas fairy tale “Callo and the Kalikantzaroi in the mill” and will play theatrical plays and body Shadow Theater with members of the CAMP and their grandchildren or grandparents, aged Kindergarten and Primary. Organization of KEDI.KE.

Friday 4th  & Saturday 5th January 2019 from 11.00am to 13.00pm in the Christmas village at “KIPEKI’S STUDIOS”, theater playwright Kalliopi Liosatou will entertain the children with narratives and readings of favorite festive fairytales as well as a play with adorable soldiers, Santa’s elves and other beloved children’s friends. Organize KEDI.KE.

SATURDAY 5 AND SUNDAY January 6, 2019 at the Municipal Theater of Argostoli “Kefalos” Hall of Antiochus Evangelatos. 21st Individual Chess Championship “Kefalonia 2018” . The Public Enterprise of Kefalonia Municipality, in cooperation with the Chess Club, co-organizes the Open Individual Chess Championship.

SUNDAY January 6, 2019, Epiphany

The Feast of Water and Holy Cross diving will be accompanied by the Philharmonic of the Public Benefit Society of Kefalonia Municipality (KEDI.KE.).

⍟ On the Argostoli Bridge, the Argostoli Philharmonic “Dionysios Lavragas”

⍟ In the Municipal Unit of Livathos at Agia Pelagia Port at 11.30am and at Pessada Harbor at 12.30pm, the Livathos Philharmonic “Charilaos Chorafas”.

⍟ In the Municipal Section of Sami  at the Port of Sami and in the Municipality of Pylaros at the Port of Agia Efimia, the Sami Philharmonic “Themos Amurgis”.

⍟ Ώ ς 12.30m. Event at the Christmas Village at Vallianos Square by KEDI.KE. With live music by SIGNIORI Band .Organization of KEDI.KE.

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