Sypsas: Unvaccinated children will get covid by Christmas – No coronavirus in the summer of 2022

Nikos Sypsas , Professor of Infectious Diseases at EKPA and member of the Committee of Experts , referred, among other things, to the wall of immunity, the opening of schools and the course of the coronavirus in our country, noting that “in the summer of 2022, the virus will have no room to grow ».

Speaking to SKAI and when asked about when the pandemic will end, Mr. Sypsas pointed out that next summer “we will either get sick or be vaccinated and thus we will have acquired some kind of immunity and the virus will have no room to grow”.

However, he stressed that there are two reservations: on the one hand, “maybe there will be a catastrophic mutation that he does not believe” and on the other, “maybe we have some imports from abroad such as Africa which is the hot spot of the pandemic as there is no have been vaccinated “.

“Either we will be vaccinated or we will ill”
However, he characteristically said that the pandemics do not last more than 3 years, noting that “there will be an upsurge until Christmas, then it will gradually de-escalate from Easter and then we will enter a normalcy”.

Asked about the wall of immunity in our country, which is currently around 60%, he said that he estimates that this will not exceed 65% and that the dilemma is how we will either be vaccinated or stuck.

“Parents need to compare the risks and decide on vaccinating their children”
In addition, referring to the opening of schools and the possibility of an increase in cases in children, he explained that “we know that now there are many references in the literature for children who have long covid ie long-term complications of the coronavirus such as extreme fatigue, depression, disorders in various organs such as lungs, heart “.

Therefore, as he stressed, parents in this context should compare two risks and make a decision. On the one hand, there is the risk from the vaccine which is infinitesimal and on the other hand, there is the risk from the coronavirus while he said that it is a given that the cases will increase and that in a month the protocols in the schools will be re-evaluated.

He noted that the Delta mutation is highly contagious and affects children. “Children will be infected at some point if they are not vaccinated. By Christmas we will have a very large spread of the virus. “All children will be exposed sooner or later,” he said characteristically.

“Children and young people can transmit the virus to the unvaccinated 50 years and older”
Also, as he stressed, the problem is the fact that children and young people can transmit the virus to the unvaccinated 50 years and older and the great fear is that these people are in danger of being hospitalized resulting in pressure on the NSS, stating that The average age of patients in the hospital is around 50 years and they are unvaccinated.

Specifically, he reported that 85% are unvaccinated and 15% vaccinated who are elderly or immunosuppressed with underlying diseases that shed their immunity. “Intubated people would have died if they had not been vaccinated,” he said.

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