Two small LC cars were involved in this, fortunately with only minor damage. Of course I am not a reporter, but I am referring to this because there is a big problem at this point, and I know it from personal experience, since I have been going there at least 4 times a day, and I have lived a lot .. despite a few accidents and so many quarrels.

I can not judge the drivers and how carefully we have to get through this otherwise dangerous point.

I am referring to the problem, which has been there for at least 3 months, because now that the cars that go from there to all directions of BA are going to increase. and Central Kefalonia, there will certainly be a lot of minor and major accidents.

The problem, therefore, is that the transit time of vehicles coming from Kutavo and Drapano does not provide for a delay after its expiration to give the order to light the traffic lights for the vehicles coming from the road Razata.

As soon as it turns off the green for those coming from Kutabo and Drapanos, and before completing the difficult uphill ride to Razata or going to Drapanos and Argostoli respectively, the green has already turned on for those who descend, so they are faced with vehicles.

I therefore call on everyone responsible to deal with this very serious problem before accidents occur and seriously, especially with so many visitors waiting for the summer.

If not, after the public disclosure I make, there will be very serious responsibilities and will be sought.

Rosetos Lousis