Deputy Finance Minister Katerina Papanatsiou signed today a ministerial decision adding two more categories to taxpayers who are exempt from the obligation to use electronic payment instruments to build the tax-free limit.

Specifically tax free without plastic money can guarantee:

* Citizens whose annual actual income does not exceed € 6,000 and their annual imputed income does not exceed € 9,500, including casual employees.

* Third-country nationals applying for and / or receiving international protection from the UNHCR and the European Commission.

To date, exemption from the obligation to build tax-free electronic evidence has been:

* Taxpayers over 70 years old.

* People with disability rates of 80% and above.

* People in legal support.

* Those serving their military service.

* Civil servants serving abroad.

* Village residents less than 500 inhabitants and islands under 3,100 inhabitants (not tourist areas).

* Those who are taxed on the scale of the tenants and have a difference in imputed income for the portion of the imputed.

* Taxable persons who are long-term hospitalized.

Taxpayers generally exempt from the evidence-gathering measure are:

* The military and officials of the foreign ministry serving abroad

* Residents in a nursing home

* The prisoners

* Residents in a psychiatric shop

* Foreign residents who have income from a pension or salary in Greece and a DTC based with the tax resident are required to declare their income in Greece as well.

Source: news247