Teacher ‘sentenced’ who shot cat in Lamia lasy week

The incident occurred in the last wek in the Local Community of the Municipality of Lamia with a prominent teacher, Lyceum Director of Fthiotida and the case was heard on Friday by the Lamia Court, which imposed a 16-month prison sentence and a fine of 3,600 euros. The file will also be forwarded to its office for disciplinary sanctions.

According to the eyewitness who filed before the court, the teacher came out of his house holding a gun, aimed at the cat who was mating and shot him.

The unfortunate animal received the shot in the spine, as shown by the X-rays submitted to the Court. The paralyzed cat was hosted temporarily in the man’s house before the event.

The animal-friendly club contacted a clinic in Larissa for veterinarians to decide on the condition of the kitty but also how to remove the shot that had been wedged in its backbone and had even been tipped but unfortunately the unlucky animal did not live. “Such behaviors are affecting our region, especially when they come from people in education,” says the Lamia animal welfare club, found in court to “defend” the kitten.

For his part, the teacher refused to act as a loving one, as he himself said he has dogs he cares for diligently. But it seems that the court did not convince him and sentenced him to 16 months imprisonment and imposed the fine imposed by the law. The case will again turn to justice once the teacher has filed an appeal.

source – news247.gr


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