TEE (Technical Chamber of Greece Kefalonia-Ithaca Branch) meeting with Vice-Governor Stavros Travlos

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On Monday, October 14, 2019, the TEE of Kefalonia and Ithaca, together with members of the Technical Chamber, held a meeting with the Vice-Regional Governor of Kefalonia Stavros Travlos discussing technical matters of competence of the Ionian Islands Region. 

The discussion started with regional spatial planning, which proposes a minimum area of 10 hectares for hotel exploitation, creating problems for individuals and investors with smaller areas. Alderman transferred the ministry’s will to give a final solution to it immediately.

A brief briefing on the Region’s responsibilities in  fisheries and tourist shelters , the  provincial road network  and  streams was followed . Knowing Mr. Travlos firsthand the advisory role of the TEE to the state, from his own course in the local TEE, he proposed the  creation of Working Groups  on various technical issues, involving the engineers of our islands, on the basis of a programmatic contract between I.N. and TEE Of Western Greece. 

Reference was made to the upcoming TEE elections, which will take place all over Greece on November 3, and to the elected colleagues who are running in Kefalonia and Ithaca. At this point,  the President of the NE Alexandros Pantelios has announced that he will not be a candidate again  for the TEE elections, as he estimates that his recent election to the Argostoli Municipal Council will not allow him to run as long as he wishes. But he expressed confidence that the  valuable fellow  candidates would create a new strong Prefecture Commission for the next three years. 

The debate continued on the issue of streams, with the submission of the proposal by Dimitris Kekatos, Secretary of the NE. for the  collection of all studies concerning the delimitation of streams  for use by both private engineers and services. This was considered appropriate to be the subject of a TEE Working Group.

Mr Vangelis Vallianos then spoke, who raised issues of school building repairs, the new school complex in Lixouri, the demolition of buildings damaged by the 2014 earthquake, the delay of Ag Road project. Vassiliou, the review of Residential Areas and civil protection. On the issue of ZOEs it was proposed to set up a Task Force on  Spatial Planning . 

Gerasimos Gonatas, member of the NE he referred to the  floods of Pylaros  and the work of the Agia Efimia pipeline, while highlighting the need to update the study, which the Region intends to carry out as well as a  comprehensive study of the Agia Efimia basin

On the subject of hydrocarbon, the position expressed by the referred is that the region should have good information from the ministry about environmental conditions and ensure that mining is done with strict control by reducing the risk. The President of n.v. has been noted that it is an activity that has created drastic action for the inhabitants of our islands as it is not compatible with the main development direction of the region which is tourism.

The President then referred to the  provincial network  and  road safety , making the Argostoli-Poros Provincial Road a priority. He referred to a number of proposals by the NE. which had been submitted to the Standing Committee on Road Safety and to invite and present these proposals to the House. Mr Travlos said the Argostoli-Poros District is a personal bet for himself and the Region.

Mr Dionýsēs Trōiános spoke about the prospects for the development of the port of Pessáda, as a key connection with Zante and as an alternative access to Killini, including a study which has been carried out.

The meeting closed with updates on projects that are still in design, such as the airport road, which will soon be auction for the study, as well as the Sami-Agia Efimia Road. The TEE and the members who attended, we gave good strength to our colleague Vice-Governor Stavros Travlos and we pledged to  keep in touch  on any matter that required our assistance. 

TEE Kefalonia and Ithaca

Source – FB post of Νομαρχιακή Επιτροπή TEE Κεφαλληνίας & Ιθάκης

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