Telephone Fraud in Kefalonia


Corfu, 18 May 2020


The General Regional Police Directorate of the Ionian Islands announces that recently, in the Security Department of Argostoli, an incident of telephone fraud of an individual was recorded, regarding an online market from an advertisement, posted on a social networking site.

In particular, after the previous telephone communication, the individual paid the amount in cash to the perpetrator’s account without the agreed purchase and sale ever taking place.

On the occasion of the above incident, we recommend to the citizens:

  • In the case of online transactions and to avoid possible fraud, when purchasing goods or services, they should check whether the website they are using is valid and choose only known and secure websites for their transactions and purchases.
  • It is recommended that they use prepaid cards in their online purchases, so that only the amount that is to be used directly is available, while at the same time it is possible to add money only when needed, in order to be processed safely. online transactions.
  • Do not trust the information and promises of strange and dubious websites.
  • To be informed about the identity and reliability of the online stores for which the details of the company should be clearly identified, ie the name, address, telephone number and contact details.
  • The characteristics of the product must be clear. Particular attention should be paid to the price of the product, the method of payment, the delivery time and the refund-cancellation policy.
  • The terms of use of the transaction must be accessible and transparent.
  • Avoid online financial transactions from Internet cafés, public libraries and other places where many users have access to the same computers. Prefer their personal computer or someone for whom they are confident about the level of security.
  • Keep passwords secure. Do not use familiar names, dates of birth, anniversaries, etc. for passwords, which can be easily predicted.


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