Temporary interruption of traffic on Provincial Road No 25 (Argostoli-Fiskardo)


With regard to the provisions: 
a) Article 8 of Law 2800/2000 “Restructuring of Public Health Services” “. 
b) articles 3. 2 4, par. 3, 19 para. 3 and 52 par. 2 of N. 2696/99 (A-57) 
“On the Code Ratification Highway”, as amended, and 
applicable to Article 48 N. 4313/2014. 
c) Article 33 (5) of the PD. 14/2001 “Organization of Hellenic 
Police Services “. 
d) Articles 31 et seq. of the PD. 161/88 “Restructuring of Hellenic 
Police Services “. 
e) The no. 49312/11737 from 7-6-2019 document of the Department of Technical Works of 
Regional Unity of Kefallinia.
f) The reference 7170/19/1234593 from 11-6-2019 of the Traffic Department of Argostoli.

and aiming at ensuring smooth and safe traffic, preventing road accidents and servicing the public during work

Article 1c
The stopping of the traffic of all vehicles on Proh. Road No 25 (Argostoli-Fiskardo), specifically from its intersection with the Municipal road that leads to Dilinata (Drapanos location) until its intersection with Provincial Road No 39 (junction to Lixouri, location << Hani Lamprinou >>) for the period from 18-6-2019 to 26-6-2019 daily and from 08:00 until 20:00 hours, for the performance of work under the of the project << Troubleshooting in the Kefallinia Island Road Network with Road Restoration Inhabitation and Technical Works >> for which the Project Owner is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (formerly Sub-Ministry of Environment and Water), Head of the General Secretariat of EYDE Construction &

Article 2 
For the road section from the crossing to Falari (Drapanos location) up to the crossroads to Kourouklata settlement, traffic will be allowed for the destination until the Kourouklada settlement, because in the immediate next section work will be carried out. 
Article 3 
The traffic of the vehicles will be carried out through the Municipal roads of Argostoli-Dilinata-Divarata (Faliari) and EO. No. 25 (Diverata-Elbow).
Article 4th
The contractor of the project is requested for the timely placement and removal of the prescribed and necessary road signs (regulatory-information), in accordance with the provisions of articles 9 & 10 of Law 2696/99 “On the Road Traffic Code” 3542/07 and L. 3904/2010 << KOK >> and in accordance with the instructions of the implementing agency (T.T. Argostoli).
In addition, the project promoter has the responsibility and ought, throughout the course of the work, to maintain and monitor the road signs and to take the necessary security measures in order to provide a clear and immediate understanding of the arrangements and the required information , exclude space for work, and the traffic of vehicles, workers and users safely. 
Article 5 
This applies: – 
After an on-site inspection by the Commander of the Traffic Department of Argostoli and the contractor of the project for the correct placement of the prescribed traffic sign and the necessity of taking any additional traffic signaling measures. 
-From the placement of the relevant signposts.
-Of its publication, in accordance with article 109 of Law 2696/99 on KOC. and its posting on the Internet, pursuant to article 4 of Law 3861/2010. 
Article 6o 
The offenders are prosecuted and punished in accordance with the provisions of article 420 of the Penal Code. and Articles 4, 52, 104 and 105 of Law 2696/99 “On the Road Traffic Code” as amended and in force. 
Article 7th
The implementation (execution) of this is assigned to the T.T. Of Argostoli, which during the above period oversees the placement of the necessary plates and their removal after the completion of the work and to supervise on a daily basis the above road section for the implementation of the provisions set forth herein in order to avoid traffic problems and prevent road accidents. In the event of any breach oAttached map indictaes f the foregoing, apply the applicable law to any person responsible.

We have created the map below to show our interpretation of the above message which has been translated from Greek.

Effectively access only to towards Farsa stopping at Kourouklata and diversion to Myrtos, Assos and Fiscardo and road into Lixouri peninsula via inner road accessed through Dilinata coming out near the Myrtos Beach tee junction (this road is probably the best road surface on the island! but does not have the stunning views the coast road has). 

Road closed 18/06/19 until 26/06/19 each day from 08:00 until 20:00


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