Temporary road closure for tree felling and removal works from today

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 Temporary traffic arrangements and traffic disruption to a part of National Highway N by 50 (Argostoli – Sami) due to implementation of projects.”




 Having regard to the provisions:

a) Article 8 of Law 2800/2000 “Restructuring of Public Service Services”. b) Articles 3 par. 2, 4 par. 3, 19 par. 3 and 52 par. 2 of Law 2696/99 ( A-57) “On the Ratification of the Road Traffic Code”, as amended and in force by article 48 of Law 4313/2014. c) Article 33 par.5 of P.D. 14/2001 “Organization of Greek Police Services”. d) Of articles 31 et seq. of P.D. 161/88 “Restructuring of Greek Police Services”. e) The no. 93780/23001 from 18-11-2021 document of the Directorate of Technical Works of P.E. Kefallinias.f) The no. 7170/21/2414707 from 19-11-2021 report of TT Argostoli.

Aiming at the smooth and safe conduct of road traffic, the prevention of road accidents and the service of the public,    

Article 1 

a) The provisional application of the measure curfew pedestrians and all vehicles in a section of National Highway N by 50 (Argostoli – Sami at “Agia Varvara”) and in particular from the junction at “Mill Stone” to the junction with rural road to Argostoli, for safety reasons due to the start of works for the execution of the public contract for general services entitled “Cutting, collection and removal of fallen trees at the sites” Mylos Petria “and” Gyros Lassis “in the Municipality of Argostoli, Kefalli ».

b) The application of the measure will be valid for the period from 22-11-2021 to 29-11-2021 and for the hours from 08.30 ‘to 16.30’ daily. From 16.30 ‘daily, after the end of the day and until 08.30’ of the next day, the street will be given to traffic normally.

Article 2 

Alternative access routes for vehicles will be:

a) For private cars, the rural road that starts from the intersection at the location “Mylos Petria” with direction east to Razata.

b) For heavy vehicles, the provincial road in a northwesterly direction after the intersection at the location “Mylos Petria” to Drapano and then the provincial road No 25 (Argostoli – Thinia – Signori, etc.).

Article 3 

The contractor of the project is requested for the installation and maintenance of the required road signs (regulators-hazard announcement & information), as well as for the taking of all the necessary measures, for the smooth and safe conduct of the traffic of the vehicles and the prevention of road accidents, in accordance with what is defined in article 9 of Law 2696/99 “On the Road Traffic Code” and the suggestions of the Service responsible for implementation (TT Argostoli).

Article 4

This applies:

-After the on-site autopsy, by the Commander of the Argostoli Traffic Department and the contractor of the project for the correct placement of the provided traffic sign and the need to take any additional traffic signs.

-From the placement of the relevant indicative signs.

-From its publication, according to article 109 of Law 2696/99 on K.O.K. and its posting on the internet, according to article 4 of Law 3861/2010.

Article 5 

The violators of the present are prosecuted and punished in accordance with the provisions of Law 2696/99 “On the Road Traffic Code” as amended – replaced and in force by Laws 3542/2007 and Laws 4313/2014, as well as the applicable provisions.

Article 6

The implementation (execution) of the present is assigned to the Argostoli Police Department which during the above period to supervise for the placement of the necessary signs and their removal after the restoration of the passability of the road and to supervise on a daily basis the above road section for the application of the provisions herein, in order to avoid traffic problems and to prevent road accidents. In case of any violation of the above to apply the applicable legislation against anyone responsible.


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