Tests for crime prevention in the Ionian Islands


Corfu, April 10, 2022


Tests for crime prevention in the Ionian Islands

During the checks, 25 people were arrested for various offenses

-221- violations of the Road Traffic Code were confirmed

Intensive police checks by the Services of the General Regional Police Directorate of the Ionian Islands are carried out on a regular basis to prevent delinquent actions in the Ionian Islands.

Specifically, by police officers of the Corfu, Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Lefkada Police Directorates, from 18:00 on 09.04.2022 to 02:00 on 10.04.2022 , successive police checks were carried out for:

  • the prevention of theft and burglary,
  • dealing with dangerous driving behaviors,
  • dealing with infringements related to the operation of health stores
  • the prevention of drug trafficking and
  • the legislation on aliens.

The checks resulted in the arrest of a total of -25- people (-13- locals and -12- foreigners), of whom, -16- in Zakynthos, -4- in Kefalonia, -3- in Corfu and -2- in Lefkada.

The arrests concerned:

· -15- for deprivation of driving license

  • – 5- for deprivation of a health certificate
  • -2- for intoxication
  • – 1- about weapons
  • -1- for illegal stay in Chora and
  • -1- for by-trade

During the inspections for the prevention of dangerous driving behaviors, a total of -221 violations of the Traffic Code were confirmed, including:

  • – 12- for intoxication
  • -46- for speed
  • -14- for seat belt
  • -29- for protective helmet
  • – 1- for mobile phone use while driving
  • -1- for violating a red light
  • – 23- for deprivation of driving license
  • -4- for insurance policy and
  • -4- for KTEO

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