Thanks from Travlos Stavros, Vice-Mayor of Kefalonia & Ithaca for people who dealt with Lourdas Fire

Together with mayor argostoli theophilos michaláto,

Deputy Mayor Dionysis Minetto and deputy mayor krystalía michalátou we met in leibathsṓ where at 5:30 am there was a fire on four fronts Lourdas and Trapezaki.

The fire was threatening houses and in order to extinguish it, it was necessary to get air force assistance.

To the spot came a Erickson helicopter and two canader fire planes. Thanks to the superhuman efforts of firefighters and volunteers, the fire was under control.

Once again the impeccable cooperation of fire & volunteers, police, civil protection of district and municipality has resulted in preventing the risk in an area that is strongly tested every year.

Thank you to our firefighters and volunteers for the effort they made. Each time they prove to us their ability to respond to their duty under adverse conditions.

Thank you to the fire chief and the police director for the coordination and cooperation.

Finally, I would like to thank the Secretary-General of civil protection Nico Chardaliá for his immediate response to our request for an air force mission.

FB post of Travlos Stavros, Vice-Mayor of Kefalonia & Ithaca

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