The 34-year-old astrophysicist was found dead in Ikaria

Tragic the epilogue to the disappearance of the 34-year-old astrophysicist as earlier this afternoon she was found dead, relatively close to the hotel where he was staying in Ikaria .

Natalie Christopher’s body was reportedly found on a steep slope in a deep ravine in Kerame, less than 1km from the hotel where she was staying with her partner. The corpse was found by a volunteer firefighter, and since then an attempt has been made to retrieve her body. From the earliest evidence, it appears that during its fall on the ravine, a rock was detached, which engulfed it.

The spot where 34-year-old Natalie Christopher was found dead.
Natalie Christopher, 34, was first identified by her clothes and identifying her body is now considered a standard procedure. EL.AS by posting on social media, he confirmed that the body he found belonged to the unlucky astrophysicist.

“It was recently discovered by ground-based investigative forces in a roughly 20-meter-deep ravine in a remote mountainous area of ​​Kerame St. Kirikos Ikaria, the body of a 35-year-old UK national,” ELAS said.

How the police found the body in Ikaria gorge
The police reportedly took advantage of the information provided by the technology, worked with experts and managed through the cellphone signal and with the help of satellite systems now equipped with most mobile phones to focus on the ravine.

In fact, information says that they used the geo tagging service and had a clear picture of where the English phone is located. Beyond that, it was a matter of time for the special rescue teams to reach the cellphone and its owner who was found dead.

The police investigation into the cause of death is expected to begin soon after identification and identification of the corpse. That is, if the British slipped and fell on the cliff as she jogged or hid something else behind her death. So far, however, data indicate that this is a downturn and it will be examined whether it is an accident or suicide.

The disappearance of the 34-year-old astrophysicist thriller in Ikaria
The 34-year-old astrophysicist had been missing since Monday morning when she allegedly went out for a run. Police were trying to track her down with investigations conducted by land and air. Today a special step of ELAS went to Ikaria . with geolocation devices to assist in the search for her. The island was already operating a helicopter with thermal cameras, firefighters, police and rescue teams (volunteers and non-volunteers) to find something to help Natalie find it.

Meanwhile, the disappearance of the 34-year-old astrophysicist took an unexpected turn yesterday and turned into an absolute thriller. And this is because it became known that in the room the 34-year-old shared with her 38-year-old Cypriot companion, bloody napkins and blood stains were found on the pillow where she was sleeping. In her deposition, her partner attributed the presence of blood to the girl’s nose the night before she disappeared.

Meanwhile, last night it became known the testimony of a maid, the hotel, who said she heard the couple shoot 24 hours before her disappearance. The hotel owner, however, said that they were a favorite couple and that the quarrel was not important, since a short time later they left their room calm and loved to go for a walk.

She went out jogging and the 34-year-old disappeared
The 34-year-old’s disappearance was reported by her partner , with whom the woman vacationed in Ikaria. The couple arrived on the island on August 3 and were due to depart for Cyprus via Athens on Monday. 34-year-old early Monday morning went out for jogging – her favorite sporting activity – in the Kerame area of ​​Agios Kirikos. When she was looking for her a little later, her 38-year-old partner told him that she was returning shortly for breakfast, but since then she has given no sign of life. The 38-year-old began to panic as time went on while his partner did not answer any of his agitated calls. A short time later the upset Cypriot declared her disappearance.

Meanwhile, there was yet another unexpected development in the 34-year-old disappearance thriller . While investigations into Natalie’s whereabouts were ongoing and nothing was found, she opened her cellphone , 24 hours after her Cypriot partner reported her disappearance.

Police officers were surprised by the evolution and sent two text messages to the girl’s number, which was left unanswered. What the Authorities are not able to know is whether the cell was activated by the astrophysicist himself, meaning that he was alive, or by someone else who found it or had it removed.

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