The 5th Cycling Tour of Kefalonia Held on 16th June 2019

The 5th bike round island tour of kefalonia this year met the international achievement brevet!

It was completed on Sunday 16 July the charming bike ride called  Odyssey of all kefalonia distance 200 km named 5th kefalonia bike challenge!

20 cyclists, of the 35 who originally declared participation, finally managed to successfully complete the circular route of kefalonia with a starting point and ending the beautiful Poros of our Cephalonia!

This bike round institution, which from this year was first upgraded to the so-called brevet according to the international terms and rules of the French management organisation audax randonneures greece and the audax club parisien passed from many places covering everypart of our island.

In Summary, starting at 08:00 the beautiful square of Poros in Cephalonia the cyclists continued with the constant cheering and suggestions of the philóxenōn kephalonitṓn and the volunteers in Skala, in Argostoli from where with boat transferred to Lixouri then reached the north end of the island at Fiskardo, then to Agia Efimia and Sami to end the first five cyclists at 17:10 at the end again in Poros square!

The event ceremony under the auspices of the municipality of cephallonia, the support of κ.ε.δη. Mr and with the support of the cultural club of poros ‘ ‘ the ‘ ‘ and a number of sponsors (ab vasilopoulos, lacome Paris, Salmon Butcher, Rementzo Cafe, Apostolata Island Resort and spa, your bike, Mythos Bar Cafe, petrátos general trade, Fish Tavern, Melina Glykonostimiés, the bakery of theodósē, bakery pastry “Brothers Manéntē”, Leonidas Market, Pharmacy Katerina Bangelátou, cafe soulatso, hashtag cafe bar, myth the gift shop, ksports, Ionian Ferries, vikentios damonos kefalonia ferries, manentis hairstyling , fotis family restaurant, poros of poros, rotor and echo tzákēs gerasimos! )

In the awarding of the commemorative certificates and speeches that followed the evening first brádeuse the successful mayor argostolíou Theophilus Mēchalátos who even spoke with the best words to the winners and watchers of the event.

Relevant awards followed by Deputy Mayor our Pronnoi Spyronikóla Salmon, the representative of κ.ε.δη. Mr. Yannis Petráto and the representative of the political club of poros ‘ ‘ the prónēsos ” Dina Asprogéraka.

The basic soul behind the event, realization and presentation of the event was the poriṓtēs dimitris pantazis of your bike store who promised us even better news and new surprises for this unique kephalon bikē sports event in the future that is coming!

Finally, the athletes who participated in the famous (and first in the score in the Ionian Islands) this cycling this round of kefalonia came to us from many parts of the world like the UK, Switzerland, South Africa, America, the rest of Greece and Kefalonia. Many of these great participants athletes come especially for this purpose every year in our kefalonia and promised to do the same next year!

Source – FB post of Spiros Kagadis

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