The 9 reduction the tax bill’s the Mitsotakis government is proposing

The new tax bill is going to be passed fast to pass / Photo: SOOC / MENELAOS MYRILLAS

“Forward” for August puts the Mitsotakis government’s economic team to vote on the tax bill , which is expected to incorporate the improvements in the 120-tranche arrangement.

According to information, the tax bill that will be run by the team of Christos Staikouras will include all interventions of the Mitsotakis government’s economic program.

In particular, the tax bill should include the following measures:

(1) Introduction of a low rate of 9% for incomes up to € 10,000 and adoption of a more progressive scale. It is reminded that the maintenance of duty-free at current levels (8,636 euros) has already been voted by ND
(2) Tax reduction in businesses from 28% to 20% in two phases, starting in 2020
(3) Dividend tax reduction from 10% to 5%
(4) Apply reduced VAT 13% over the entire focus
(5) Gradual abolition of the solidarity levy
(6) Reduce EFFIA by 30% for all property owners in two phases
(7) Removal of Traineeship Fee over two years horizon
(8) Suspension of Goodwill and VAT on building activity for three years
(9) Reduce VAT rates to 11% and 22%, from 13% to 24% today.

According to other sources, there is – little chance – that this tax bill will come to Parliament earlier, before August, with the first law on state organization.

It should be noted that, apart from the tax cuts, the issues of primary surplus and red loans are high on the Finance Ministry’s agenda .

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