The acute problems in the health structures of Kefalonia

PRESS release from ΑΔΕΔΥ Kefalonia  (Greek civil servants union) 

The acute problems in the health structures of the Prefecture, the escalation of the ND – SEV – EU – OECD attack on the road that SYRIZA “sowed”, WE REALLY respond with action without any tolerance or waiting!

In the middle of the summer season, with the need for care for locals, visitors and tourists, there is a shortage of staff. It is also expected that auxiliaries will be offered as well as new posts to medical, nursing and administrative staff, while no action is taken to permanently staff with the necessary staff or to work and scientifically update and develop it. On the other hand, when generalism is not employed, the responsibilities of the rulers are “reluctant to come and stay Kefalonia or Ithaca”. The ICU is still not working and air transport is now a status for patients with serious problems, with what this implies in terms of time and consequences for their lives and safety. In general, all problems related to staffing,

In the program’s declarations by the new government on health, instead of the specific measures that our people have been calling for years through its mass media, slogans are repeated, even in parlance with those of SYRIZA (“Quality Public Health for All”, “Human and decent care for all “). Chat for increasing government funding, for permanent recruitment. The government of the ND advertises as a “hospital aid” the announcement that nurses will do their specialty “immediately after their graduation and not only after their recruitment to the National Health System”, returning, of course, following the acquisition of specialty again to unemployment … more than 7,000 permanent doctor posts and 20,000 permanent nurses are left vacant, with regional hospitals being dismantled, only 2,000 hiring nurses in large urban centers. Government priorities include the further “promotion of partnerships with the private sector for the purchase of medical acts and examinations,” … at no cost to the citizen.

The NA of Kefalonia – Ithaca, ADEDY, believes that the announcements of the new government not only do not answer the problems of public hospital workers and the needs of the people, but it is another step in the unpopular direction.

Against this policy, workers and the people must not show any tolerance. The games of the past space offer valuable experience and show the way for the continuation. The DA of Kefalonia – Ithaca of ADEDY calls on its forces to prepare for battle.

No tolerance !!! No waiting !!!

None of the parties in the capitalist development road can oppose ND nor respond to its attack on public health. The people of our islands ought to make their own case in this battle. The NA of Kefalonia – Ithaca of ADEDY will contact other mass organizations in the Prefecture and the Ionian Sea in order to continue a health struggle with a plan and organization that corresponds to the attack.

Argostoli 15/07/2019

The president

Dimitris Mantzouratos

The Secretary

Sophia Misalidou

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