The application that finds petrol stations with the cheapest fuel in Kefalonia & Greece

The fall in international oil prices below $ 100 a barrel last Wednesday caused a slight relief for consumers but proved to be temporary. The small reduction in the average price of gasoline in recent days (which remains above 2 euros / liter) will be followed by a new rise this week. 

For many drivers, the search for the cheapest gas station has become a daily habit in recent weeks, a fact that pushed the students of the University of Thessaly to find the solution.

So they created an application, which identifies the cheapest gasoline in Greece. This is fuelGR a family of applications that provide information to the fuel consumer – and not only – about gas stations and fuel sales prices.

FuelGR provides through the gas station card a special button for the website visitor to go to the  Price Cheker and see what the gas station has actually stated, even the prices that the Observatory does not announce.

It is worth noting that the applications were created by students of the Department of Informatics Engineering of the former TEI of Thessaly (Larissa) – now the Department of Digital Systems of the University of Thessaly – under the guidance of Professor of Digital Systems, Fotis Kokkoras.

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