The Argostoli Palms Removal – Feedback from Deputy Mayor Dionysis Lykoudes

Check out the truth about the Argostoli palace.

9 out of 10 palm trees have been destroyed before the Municipality, today, removes them. 
The one left is already infected and thus has days or months of “seeming life”, so long as his leaves are green. 
The problem could not be overcome by the superpowers in research such as 
the French, 
the Italians, 
the Spaniards 
and the Greeks in all the municipalities from Nafplion to Vouliagmeni and Crete. 
In short, across the Mediterranean !!!

Some few remaining hypocrites in Argostoli, who are fighting with ill-fated redevelopment projects in the city today, are photographing palm trees on the Internet today, 
as it was years ago and of course before the epidemic of their destruction, believing that this would politically affect the Municipality of Kefalonia. 
Because with the lie and hypocrisy in our place we have to end some time, 
if we really want to go ahead, 
I quote the following pictures and let the local community decide if, right or wrong, it was the withdrawal of the “fossils” redevelopment area. 
And let’s not rush anyone to say that before we reached this point we did not do the right 
because we implemented all the international protocols.
The following photo I dedicate to all the allegedly Argostolomaches, who preferred to leave these pictures in the capital of our island. 
Together with the photo and a message: 
Whatever they are writing, whatever lies and spread, as many anonymous complaints as they do, whatever obstacles they are trying to take, New Argostoli in a few months will be a reality 
as will the News Cephalonia in the next Municipal term.

From FB of Deputy Mayor Dionysis Lykoudes

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