The background and reason for the blockade for the new wind turbines in Kefalonia

Residents, organizations and elected officials attribute part of the flood disaster to wind farms. Μης The mayor of Sami, Gerasimos Monias-Nettis, talks about the absence of hydraulic studies on the roads that are opened for the wind farms. . Drift from the rushing waters of the brought materials that have emerged from the works for the bases inside the settlements of the island, as happened recently. ● What does PPC answer?

For the thirteenth consecutive day, residents, organizations, collectives and the municipality are preventing the unloading of wind turbines from a cargo ship in the port of Sami Kefalonia, which are intended for the creation of another wind farm on the island.

The mobilizations started with the arrival of the specific cargo, only a few days after the catastrophic floods in areas of the Municipality of Sami and while they had been declared in a state of emergency, as the municipality, institutions and residents attribute part of the destruction to the wind farms that have been installed and incomplete. flood defenses around them. An attempt was made yesterday to unload the wind turbines, which was canceled by the residents, although strong forces of the Coast Guard had blocked access to the port.

Reacting to the mooring of the ship in Sami on 4/10, demanding its departure and preventing its unloading, people gathered at the port after a call initially from the “People’s Rally” faction in the Ionian Islands Region and the Municipality of Sami.

The mobilizations were participated in from the beginning and are still supported by the Struggle Committee, the Open Assembly of Kefalonia-Ithaca against Hydrocarbon Mining, the Labor Center, but also the Municipality of Sami, as well as municipal councilors from all municipalities.

At the same time, the municipality appealed to the prosecutor of Kefalonia to state the reasons why the unloading should not take place. In addition, the Municipality of Sami received copies of the hydraulic study and the road construction study for the new wind farm from the Department of Environment of the Regional Unit of Kefallinia and the Directorate of Forests of Kefallinia, to check by specialized scientists if they comply with the requirements and in the size of the damage caused.

Large quantities of imported materials have emerged from the construction of wind turbine bases at the new wind farm in the location of Xerakia with the risk of being swept away by the next heavy downpour. On the next mountain peak there is another wind farm

The 4 wind turbines located on the ship in the port of Sami are intended for the creation of a new wind farm on the island by “PPC Renewables” in the location “Xerakias” of the community of Dilinata of the Municipality of Argostoli. Right on the opposite mountain peak, in Agia Dynati, there is another wind farm consisting of 17 wind turbines of the “Ellactor” group, which is blamed by residents and agencies for causing the floods. Residents and operators fear that the installation of the new wind farm poses an additional high flood risk, mainly for the neighboring villages of Sami Karavomylos and Poulates.

And these things happen when in the prefecture of Kefalonia – Ithaca is produced with ASPIE already twice the electricity consumed by the 2 islands and while the installation of other wind farms is planned. Although, from 2018 when the General Spatial Plan of the Ionian Islands Region was voted, the installation of new wind turbines in Kefalonia is strictly prohibited.

According to the mayor of Sami, Gerasimos Monias-Nettis, “the opposition of all institutions and residents of our municipality concerns the unloading and installation of wind turbines in the wind farm, as in this and other wind farms in our area have not taken place hydraulic studies for the roads leading to them “.

In fact, he expressed his concern about whether the environmental conditions of their installation have been fully complied with. “The consequence of the above, but also of the fact that (in the new wind farm) the bases for the installation of the new wind turbines have been constructed some time ago and which have already been corroded, is that a huge volume of sediments has accumulated on its hills and streams. our region, with all that entails “. That is, the drift from the rushing waters of these brought materials that have emerged from the works for the bases of the wind turbines in the settlements of the island, as happened recently.

Heavy past

Among the recently affected areas in Kefalonia were Sami, Karavomylos, Poulata, Drakopoulata, Agia Efimia, Assos and Fiskardo. However, the passage of the storm “Ianos” was not the only one that flooded some of these settlements, since they had similarly “drowned” in the recent past.

This is not the first time today that residents and organizations of the island attribute responsibilities to the installation of wind turbines, to the opening of roads for their installation and to the lack of flood protection works around the places where they are installed. This is because, as observed, the intense, multiple flooding phenomena began to be recorded immediately after the installation of the few wind farms on the island. The municipal unit of Pylarea and Agia Efimia -which are now part of the Municipality of Sami- are constantly flooded in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

In October 2011, a two-day downpour caused severe damage in Drakopoulata and Agia Efimia, which is twelve kilometers away from Sami. The residents of the two villages attributed the damage to the road built by the company to reach the trucks that transported the wind turbines to the top of Agia Dynati, without any technical works for the drainage of rainwater.

New water trains (white vertical lines) have been created on Mount Agia Dynati and Falaris starting from the surrounding area of ​​wind turbines

In September 2015, bad weather hit the whole of Kefalonia and especially the village of Poulata which is located 5 km southwest of Sami. In the same year, the Region in its letters to the owner company of the wind farm had pointed out the risk of floods from its installation.

In October 2016, new floods cause incalculable damage and endanger human lives, mainly in Drakopoulata Pylaros, but also in Ag. Euphemia, with her trick filled with carried materials. “Agia Dynati went down to Agia Efimia”, was then commented in the local press, as the wind farm in Agia Dynati was connected again with the floods in Pylaros.

As he had mentioned later in a relevant meeting of engineers of TEE, the then head of the Department of Environment of PE. Kefalonia and municipal councilor Dionysis Minetos, wind farms also played a role in these disasters, locating the problem mainly in failures that occurred in the surrounding area, which in turn affected, mainly, the number of materials that fall into the ditches with the rushing waters.

At the same meeting, the civil engineer-architect and politician of SYRIZA on the island, Makis Vasilatos, pointed out that the wind turbines created new water wires that changed the network of streams and, together with the carried materials that were increased, made the problem more acute.

An additional problem that was identified at the meeting of the TEE was that of the culverts that exist in the road network that was built around the wind turbines, since to protect the road from the downpours, culverts were constructed that pass the water under the road. However, some of them do not end up in the streams, which exacerbates the flood problem.

Drainage passages

In September 2019, Agia Efimia sinks again in the mud after a heavy downpour. “What floods took place in the wind turbines? How were the millions of euros given by the companies to the Municipality of Kefalonia used for the flood protection? ” the shopkeepers wondered. “Those who installed the wind turbines did not implement the environmental studies.

Thus, the runways were leaked, the existing torrents were blocked, as a result of which we have damages in villages “, Spyros Galiatsatos, member of the Regional Council and former deputy governor of the Ionian Islands, stated to “They gave” land and water “to the monopolies of wind turbines for massive interventions in the mountains above and in fact with improper implementation of even these Environmental Impact Studies, which were in the measures of the investors”, the “People’s Rally” faction had complained.

A few days later, the governor of Kefalonia, Rodi Kratsa, visited, pointing out three main causes for the floods: the rubble of the streams, the stripping of the mountains from free grazing, but also the wind turbines.

The growing reports and complaints about the participation of wind turbines in the creation of floods on the island provoked the reaction of the company ELLAKTOR (28/9/2019) on the occasion of the publication of an article by the communicator-economist Pavlos Papadatou in the local press, in which he stated that ” “Agia Efimia once again paid the innocence of the companies that installed and operated the wind turbines in its neighboring mountains”, requesting the intervention of the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate omissions in the studies for the installation of wind turbines. In a letter, ELLAKTOR pointed out that everything is going well, citing the full implementation of the relevant legislation.

“PPC Renewables”: The wind farm is not related to floods

According to sources of “PPC Renewables”, for the new wind farm of the company in Kefalonia, the necessary studies have been prepared that required its licensing, while the projects for its creation do not contribute and are not related to the increase of floods in the wider area. As reported in “Ef.Syn.”:

● The project has all the permits according to the legislation.
● All the necessary studies have been implemented and are part of the licensing.
● A hydraulic study has been implemented which was prepared with the contribution of scientists from the NTUA. The conclusions of the study clearly state that the projects of the wind farm do not contribute and have nothing to do with the increase of floods in the wider area and that the specific park in the way it was designed and implemented has no effect on its hydrological balance.
● The project is implemented in the Municipality of Argostoli and not in the affected Municipality of Sami, where the raid of “Ianos” took place.

Finally, it was emphasized that in general PPC is very strict and diligent with all the studies in all its projects as a public company.

Licensing review

Large quantities of imported materials have resulted from the construction of wind turbine bases

In a recent meeting held on the island, the mayor of Sami stated his direct opposition to the installation of additional wind turbines, due to the continuous damage in the municipal unit of Pylaros. “All governments (ND-SYRIZA-PASOK) and their supporters in the local administration (PIN and municipalities) have decided to install wind farms that rest at least in the area of ​​Pylaros with 90 thousand acres of coverage, up to 39.45 %! “To finally stop licensing and facilitating the anarchic installation of wind farms, in the name of ecological and ‘clean’ energy, which pollutes and degrades our lives and property,” the Struggle Committee said in a statement.

The position of the ministers of Environment and Energy, Interior and Infrastructure and Transport for the new wind farm in Kefalonia is requested by the KKE MPs, Nikos Karathanassopoulos and Nikos Papanastasis.

“There is no question about the degree of involvement of wind farms in the catastrophes that take place and in the deep wounds left by an often misplaced, hasty, hasty and without substantial control installation in the environment itself. “In the huge earthworks for the opening of roads and the installation of pylons, there are no drainage infrastructure projects, water flow”, said Akis Tselentis in a post on his Facebook account, referring to the recent floods in Kefalonia.

With the people and the institutions constantly remaining in the port of Sami, every afternoon an open popular assembly is held where it is decided to continue the mobilization. They demand that the environmentally disastrous installation of the new wind farm be stopped and that the boat with the wind turbines be loaded immediately, that immediate flood works be carried out in the existing wind turbine parks and that there be an immediate review of all permits in the area. and Argostoli.

However, the retreat of “PPC Renewables” regarding the new wind farm is not a simple matter, since the project is a partnership with the American company Ameresco Inc of the expatriate George Sakellaris, a fact that was solemnly presented as the beginning of a long-term cooperation between the two companies. and in other projects.

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  • October 18, 2020 at 7:12 pm

    Passing through Dilinata yesterday we stopped to take in the views ftom the Church of Panagia Lamia above the town and across the valley from the wind turbines on the opposite hill. What amazed us was being able to hear from such a distance the constant noise of the turbine blades as they were rotating.
    Has any consideration been given to the residents of villages near these installations having this constant noise in their lives and being unable to do anything about it?


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