The beach of Navagio (Zakynthos) opens for the season with Additonal Rules

The efforts of the local authorities, the operators and the entrepreneurs have been fruitful and the Navajo Beach is now open. Last Friday, the decision of the Harbor Master of Zakynthos, Athanasios Sioutis, was set up in “Diagyia”, which sets out how to approach, moor and take a sea bath in the bay. Typically, only the publication of this decision remains in the Government Gazette, in order to get a good end to the case.

We would like to remind you that on Friday, May 24th, a meeting was held with the initiative of the Harbormaster, which included representatives of the local authorities and bodies (Region, Municipality, NMPH, Chamber), as well as the owners of tourist boats and daydreaders who were invited to discuss the approach and anchoring the floating means and swimming in the bay of the Navajo. At the meeting, it was decided that the Municipality should send a letter to the Port Authority informing them about the completion of security measures on the beach. When the Port Authority received the relevant document, it proceeded to postpone the decision to “Clearance”.

Rules for access to the beach 
The decision of the Harbor Master

1. It is forbidden to approach-anchorage-stay of any kind of floating medium and to take a sea bath in a zone of forty (40) meters from the coastline (rocks) perimeter of the Marine Corridor Marine Corridor and whose limit is appropriately marked by the Municipality of Zakynthos according to (f) and (h) relevant.
2. It is permissible, under the sole responsibility of each master or pilot or operator or lessee-lessor or addressee of each floating means, in conjunction with the existing helix capabilities and taking into account at his own discretion the actual prevailing weather conditions but prohibiting deportation in accordance with the provisions in force) and / or sewerage phenomena, as well as with care and responsibility of the same in ensuring the safe and immediate removal of all the occupants in particular from any disembarkation in the event of an emergency, only from 09:00 to 17:00 of each day within the defined safe zone where the risk is eliminated and with a stay of up to one hundred thousand (1.
(A) On the left side of the inland waterway in Bomb, from the boundaries of the flagged zone referred to in paragraph 1 hereof and within a twenty-five (25) wide band (channel) of which the boundaries – or the channel – are appropriately marked by the Municipality of Zakynthos, approach-mooring-stay-from / boarding: 
(A) From 10:30 to 12:00 of each day up to one (01) Y / C of a ferry vessel, in accordance with their valid airworthiness certificates, of one hundred and twenty (201) – PT ship (day boat). 
(b) From 12:00 to 13:00 on each day to two (02) E / C-T ships (day-ships). 
c) From 13:00 to 14:00 of each day to one (01) E / C-T ship (day-boat). 
(d) From 14:00 to 15:00 of each day to one (01) E / C-T ship (day-boat).
ii. (101) to two hundred (200) passengers:
a) From 09:00 to 12:00 of each day to three (03) ) E / C-R vessels (day-ships). 
(b) From 14:00 to 17:00 each day to three (03) E / C-T ships (dayboats).
B) On the right side of the inland waterway in Bord from the boundaries of the flagged zone of paragraph 1 hereof and within a twenty-five (25) wide band (channel), whose boundaries – or the channel – are appropriately marked by the Municipality of Zakynthos, the approach-berth-stay-from / boarding, with a maximum number of simultaneous stays of up to five (05) vessels and maximum stay time of up to forty-five (45) minutes, which are re-marked , will exceptionally remain safely in the vault ssia Bay area and will not depart until the final boarding their already apovivasthenton passengers at the beach to ensure their timely and safe removal if required due to an emergency,
i. E / C-Rs of vessels of a tonnage of up to one hundred (100) persons in accordance with their valid airworthiness certificates. 
ii. Other floating means. 

C) Within sixty-five (65) meters of each other from the points where the perimeter coastline (rocks) intersects with the shoreline, ie the inner zone created after the two sides of the abovementioned bands (A) and (B) of this paragraph and thirty (30) meters from the shoreline to the sea, the boundaries of which are appropriately marked by the Municipality of Zakynthos, exclusively the reception of a sea bath.
3. It is forbidden to bind the aforementioned floating means from the wreck of the ship on the coast, in order to protect the bathers and to avoid the destruction of the wreck which is a special sight for the island of Zakynthos. 
4. Throughout the duration of the vessel’s stay, the operation of the vessel shall be prohibited. 
5. For every arrival and departure, continuous and increased attention and visual and visual surveillance of the sea area, the observance of safe speed and distance from the other but especially by the bathers, the unnecessary and / or prolonged use of sound signals, as well as the application all rules of handling and navigation provided by the applicable provisions, the International Conflict Avoidance Regulation (DACS), as well as nautical knowledge, art and experience.
6. When arriving and departing and in order to achieve the best safety conditions, it is necessary and necessary to cooperate in good faith and prior consultation between masters and / or rulers and / or pilots and / or lessees and / or addressees with regard to anchoring row of floating means under their jurisdiction. 
7. Every arrival and departure at “Shipwreck” must be informed by our Service, while a relevant entry is made in the Bridges Diary from the persons obliged to observe it.
8. In the event that for any reason the security measures specified in (f) and (h), such as all types and type of marking and the existence of the designated persons from the Municipality of Zakynthos on the beach, are not, and / or have changed, for informing and informing the public and for the forbidden zone of approaching forty people (40 meters) perimeter from the beach rocks with the appropriate signage by the Municipality of Zakynthos, is automatically prohibited according to the aforementioned f) and n) similarly, the approach night-mooring-stay any watercraft and receiving marine bath until then written information, restored by the Municipality of Zakynthos.
9. Infringements of this decision, irrespective of the joint criminal or civil liability, shall be subject to administrative sanctions in accordance with Article 157 of the Judicial Code. 187/73 (Government Gazette 261Α / 73) as in force. 
10. That Decision be published in the Government Gazette.

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