The beautiful and dangerous “Leontopsaro” in Kefalonia!

After his first appearance in Greek seas in 2015, the charming ” Leontopsaro» ( Common lionfish or Devil firefish the English names ), observed on the southeastern shores of Kefalonia (Skala) this summer 2019 .

This photo was taken on 9/7/2019 at a depth of -7 meters with a water temperature of 25 ° C (about 20 cm long) while a person of about 15 cm (about 15 cm) was observed on 13/7/2019 at a depth of -40m. with a water temperature of 17 ° C (!).

As stated in a report by the Hellenic Center for Marine Research (ICRC) for the first observation, “the species originates from the Red Sea and entered the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal. Its presence has already been reported in other areas of the Eastern Mediterranean while the first observation in Greek waters was in Rhodes (summer 2015) … It is necessary to warn professional and amateur fishermen as well as the general public in the area to prevent any accidents due to its poisonous spines. ”


In other publications it is stated that “It is a very beautiful fish with bright colors but it is also dangerous. The entire body is covered with pointed poisonous thorns, which help it capture its prey. His contact with humans can be fatal, in cases where the victim suffers from allergies, has a bad health or is a child or an elderly person. Stinging can cause severe pain, nausea, fever, numbness, difficulty in breathing, diarrhea, and even temporary paralysis. If someone gets a lionfish bite they should immediately sink the wound into hot water, thus reducing the poison’s pain and poisoning. Then you should visit a medical center or hospital as soon as possible. ”

* For the observation of the species in Kefalonia, HCMR has already been informed.

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