The big Argostoli road surfacing works are under – The deputy Mayor responds about timing in tourism peak season

On the occasion of a publication about the start of the work of asphalt layers on roads in the city of Argostoli I would like to quote some thoughts.

First of all, I wish from my heart that the new journalistic effort hosts this publication will be a good day, and I look forward to the creation by its contributors, a website that will present political news with the greatest possible objective and keep up with the need of the Citizens to be informed reliable and in time at all levels.

So addressing the contributors of the new journalistic effort I ask that they also allow me to contribute to the democratic, public dialogue they cultivate, making some arguments, different from theirs, on today’s post entitled ′′ Global Originality: Will perform road projects in the heart of the tourist season “.

Public infrastructure projects that our country so need, from the moment they are joined, should be executed and delivered to the public, within a reasonable time. For example, see what has happened with the work of building the Argostoli Municipal Nursing Home. It’s almost 15 years since the project’s first integration, and it’s not yet completed.

Now, for this particular roadwork – which technically is a simple project in the study and construction, without any particular difficulties – there is secured funding since 2017. In my personal opinion the reasonable period has long been exhausted for his execution.

In addition, at some point, we should try to approach a different thinking, a different philosophy, which has been in force for decades across Europe, than the time planning of public works:

Finish it one day earlier of schedule.
It’s good for the economy.
It’s good for the society.

(Finish it a day earlier than schedule. Good for the economy.
It’s good for society).

It’s not easy. It takes effort. But we must try especially today in view of the huge economic storm that is at the gates.

After all, the suspension of execution of public works invoked in general terms such as ′′ Tourist Period ′′ is purely Greek Patent and does not apply anywhere in modern tourist and non-tourist Europe and America. In all urban and non-urban tourist destinations of Western Europe normal public road, buildings etc and 12 months of the year are being performed.

In addition, as is well known, the capacity of money to gain is the cornerstone of technical economic analysis. Overall ′′ the cost of opportunity ′′ of money, which at worst is the interest of the savings bank, expresses the value of money at a certain time. Therefore, it is obvious that when there are laydays of public funds, there is a cost to society. In addition, the stalies suspend the positive impact of money on the local economy through the regional multiplier process.

This year, as we speak, at the end of July, 100-130 (new) million euros should have entered and released into the local economy of the island while we would expect another 100 million by October. However, it is a matter of whether it has entered just 1 million euros from tourism and 3-4 million from government extraordinary grants. Let us not forget that the island’s main economic sector is tourism and therefore we have little to expect from other economic sectors.

The planned public investment program ′′ Antonis Tritsis ′′ has delayed features, while until new projects are integrated and the economy starts being fed by the costs of their execution, it will pass at least one year.

Then it will be too late for several businesses at national and local level, because the money is now missing from the market, now needs the life jacket the small and medium-sized business struggling to keep out of water, not when it has completely sinked.

A patient you administer the medicine at the right time, not when it’s too late, when he’s dead. Time is relative as we know. The 3 or 4 months delay in today’s indescribable difficult conditions resemble eternity. In fact, no reason.

The same goes for the current NSRF as essentially the Region seems to have suspended any new announcement for the integration of projects, resulting in no significant funding in the local economies of the Ionian and therefore our island.

How exactly are we going to make up for this year’s loss of 200 million euros in the local economy? Going even further back, at least some projects we can carry out immediately?

It should be noted that on our island, we did not even suffer such losses during the memoranda and the 8-year economic crisis as tourism in Kefalonia was working and even growing and funding from abroad reached the local economy despite the unbearable taxation of the previous ones years old.

It is the first time in the last 30 years that the faucet of tourist finances from abroad to Kefalonia has been closed, with the year 2021 being completely uncertain.

Unfortunately, we are indeed in the heart of the tourist season without tourists due to the well-known pandemic of coronavirus. The end of July this year, it does not remind anything of at least the potential April 2019 with the 110 abroad flights and the numerous cruise ships to the port.

In life, we should not move with stereotypes. We must keep an open mind and watch and evaluate with coolness the reality that we have ahead of us every time. The disturbance that will cause the executed roadwork project in the tourist industry of our island is zero as the tourist flows to the island are zero. This is the harsh reality. Wish things were different.

Therefore, it is the right period, in so far as its small possibilities, for the Municipality of Argostoli to do the obvious and support the local economy from its own meterizi, in front of the upcoming storm.

Global originality would be to postpone the project by citing the stereotype of the Greek Patent about the ′′ Tourist Period “.

photo source – / text –  FB post of Dionysios Minetos

3 thoughts on “The big Argostoli road surfacing works are under – The deputy Mayor responds about timing in tourism peak season

  • July 26, 2020 at 5:38 pm

    The road works in our country are never put off in tourist season, indeed it seems that they wait to carry out works during the school summer holiday season. The impact to the tourist in Kefalonia is minimal compared to the local needs so you should carry out the works when it is best for Kefalonians.

  • July 27, 2020 at 8:52 am

    Well it always in my opinion should be carried out with the least disruption to the residents and of course with other parties in mind .

  • July 27, 2020 at 6:40 pm

    Here in Cambridge. We have tourists all round the year. We have year round roadworks too. It’s a problem having roadworks. But we need good roads. We try to find alternative routes around our town. This does not stop me wingeing about the inconvenience.


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