The burning of the Judas in Lourdas last night (video)

This year, after a two-year ban, we burned the traitor Judas Iscariot hanged on a plane tree in the center of the village in the presence of many people who came to attend the event organized by the Cultural Association of Lourdata “O PLATANOS”.

Despite the lack of information about the performance of the event that takes place on Easter Monday, the presence of fellow villagers and visitors was impressive.

The children of the dance group of the club who danced traditional dances of our country also impressed better than any other year. The dance was followed by the episodic burning of the statue of Judas, in a barrage of barrels that made our drums ache. It is noted that in previous years – before the coronavirus – the statue of Judas was brought with a donkey.

At the end, the club shared with us with red eggs, cheese, bread and plenty of wine.

Congratulations to all and happy new year!

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