The cat rescue timeline and the imaginary rescuers…. (a different lens on the cat rescue at Lassi)

In the interest of balanced reporting of all information we post ,the following is the same rescue from a different perspective, we have heavily redacted some comments. 

We are glad everyone concurs the cat was rescued and is healthy after spending may days in the tree and believe that was the intent of all involved even if there appear to be differing views.


stories with rescuers and… fantastically rescuers….

CHAPTER ONE The rescue

From the moment we first heard about this case of cat-trapping in Makry Gialos, we realized that it would not be a simple case to rescue her, and we asked on our social media page to be calm and restrained in order to handle the case after we realized that maybe it would pull in time …

The difficulty was objective … we had to try in private ownership, with a very difficult nature and not at all cooperative.

in particular, the cat was trapped about 20 meters high in the branches of a pine tree in an attempt to rescue the owner’s dogs who plowed the field below and of course escaped to kill her.

A case that should have ended in… two minutes, with the owner’s self-evident co-operation, after we asked him to close his dogs in the space he had in his field so that the cat could come down from the tree and finish smoothly it took us six whole days…

Our fellow citizen ignored us provocatively and was in no mood for cooperation … so the thriller started …

Late Wednesday night we received the first phone calls from neighbors who heard her crying… ..

For the next couple of days we are in contact with them who have tried in various ways to help the cat but this frightened one was not shaking the rupee from there
. to help them .. they went but they were too high and it was impossible to attempt ..

The next day we tried to talk to the owner to get his dogs down to get the cat down but he stubbornly refused.

We called an individual with a crane Mr. Papadatos Spiros (ballot box) to assist us in our effort while we called the police to explain to the owner the … self-explanatory …

In the presence of the police we denied that he refused to help us and temporarily closed their dogs in their presence but in the meantime it had gone down for good and we had no further time to try again, since our previous effort had reached us … half a meter from the success..that the kitty’s rescue was from the hands of our volunteer and vice president of our club Joe’s .. we ended the business after leaving her cat food to survive on the tree branches … of course the owner he reared his dogs …

The Fire Brigade came again on Sunday to help us but again it couldn’t do anything since the cat was not shaking it from the tree tops so they could try …

All of us with our neighbors throughout this cat odyssey monitored her condition to make sure she stayed on the tree at least until we found a way to help her.

Meanwhile we organized rescue team on Monday morning, with the largest crane Bros Vandorou and asked the help of Mr. George Potamianou plan was as follows, with the telescopic crane hung with ropes George off the hook to be easy to move by the crane operator to approach the cat and lower it safely ..

But that did not work as the low branches of trees in the area prevented the crane from approaching.

So we again asked the fire brigade for a third time to bring us its big ladder to try to rescue it, this time from the ground.

Mr. Kalafatis brought his farm, there we supported the staircase and with the help of a great nightmare brought by his daughter Marianna, slowly our firefighters managed and pushed the kitten to the lower side of the tree and from there of her freedom !!!!

We gave her water and food to bring her back, and Mr. Kalafatis took charge of her daily diet….

At this point we should warmly thank the
whole neighborhood for genuinely moving to save the trapped cat, as well as for Mr. Kalafatis who provided his car and his great fortune to assist firefighters.

The Argostoli Fire Service … what can we say about these people who came three times to help us and finally did it by saving the cat !!! .

The Police, who responded immediately and assisted us with her men in our work.

The owners of the free crane trucks offered to help us Mr. Papadatos Spyros (ballot box) and the Vandoros Bros

Potamiano Giorgos, who said it was hard to be rescued
And of course the members of our Association and our Vice Presidents, Mrs. Broekman Josh and Tomazato Menelao, who was the soul of the company…

CHAPTER TWO … the imaginary rescuers …

Interestingly, we watched silently in the local media and on his social media page, the imaginary cat rescue operation by the self-proclaimed rescuer, all living on the planet of Kefalonia.

They did not rescue the cat but did post photos of the self-styled cat caring for her, diagnosed an injury to one leg, was interested in sterilizing it, and wrote the amiable comment that we will take her to the shelter to protect her from killing the trees again … and of course under that comment, armies of prosecutors, mainly compatriots, decorated the imaginary cat transport to our shelter and of course let us all was tried and other stakeholders ….

To finish with this we have to say the following ..

The photos posted are unrelated to reality, as passing by saw another cat taking care of her friends, baptized her as  trapped and hastened to publish them to gauge the likes they would get and the sheer amount of bi-word comments. about his divine …

The cat was finally rescued after 3-4 hours..the normal cat and not the one that appeared ..

Of course how to know the person was a passerby, and since they took a few photos from the area, it was wrote that the crane was of the municipality, was looking for nets to catch the cat .. and generally in his mind after a very painstaking effort and a perfectly organized rescue plan, finally the cat, based on the plan, miraculously .

We would like to publicly invite the person not to deal with our Club again. We ask for it kindly now, but we will not be so kind to the person in the future ..

It is good to have the help of rescues but it must do it properly, respecting all the others who are trying, not nullifying their work and of course mentioning all the actors involved … and if he does not know something is not bad. … ask him … we would tell him that he was asking us …
And as the great Greek philosopher Democritus used to say ..
Quibbles and euphemists for whatever reason, I do not work at all …
And to help understand it
…. are those who do everything in words, while in fact does nothing …

Το άλμα στην ελευθερία της εγκλωβισμένης γάτας στο Μακρύ Γιαλό..

Gepostet von Maria Marina Machado am Montag, 30. September 2019

Gepostet von Maria Marina Machado am Montag, 30. September 2019


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