The complete guide for lifting measures: The schedule for businesses, schools, churches, hotels and what about tourism?


The roadmap for restarting the economy, which will start on Monday, May 4 and will be implemented in seven stages.


The six deputy ministers of  the government who took the baton after the prime minister’s speech , presented step by step the plan for the gradual return to normalcy. The government’s plan is called the “Security Bridge” and concerns all steps towards the de-escalation of restrictive measures from next Monday, when it will be implemented.


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The government’s plan to de-escalate restrictive measures

The Prime Minister announced -among other things- that from next Monday, May 4, the restrictions on the movement of citizens will be lifted , but the restrictions on traffic outside our prefecture will continue to apply for at least two weeks . Kyriakos Mitsotakis thanked the church and stressed that the temples will open on May 4 for individual worship . Mr. Mitsotakis stressed that from Sunday, May 17, the faithful will be able to participate in both the Divine Liturgy and the other services . But always with strict rules that will be agreed with the Holy Synod and the scientific community.

 What will happen in schools
In Education, the lessons of the 3rd Lyceum will start again on May 11 . A week later, the other classes of the Lyceum and the High School will follow . Schools, however, will operate with other rules that will limit – as far as possible – co-ordination. Distance learning will continue to support children who, for special reasons, do not have to come to class. Primary and kindergarten schools will remain closed they may open on June 1st .

 Tomorrow, the Minister of Education will make a more detailed briefing. It is in constant consultation with the Committee of Scientists for the best possible implementation of the protection measures for our children and teachers “, stressed Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

What will happen in public transport and what will happen with cars in May
Mandatory use of a protective mask in public transport by workers and passengers, controlled entry to the stations, in order to achieve the necessary physical distance and increase the frequency of the routes to the maximum extent, from the first day of implementation of the framework of gradual lifting of restrictions , are the rules that will apply from now on for our travels.

The use of a mask by everyone on public transport is mandatory 

Car and travel: What will be valid – Where they can move, how many passengers will be allowed
As announced by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Giannis Kefalogiannis, who appealed for the avoidance of unnecessary travel, the control of the use of masks and the reduction of overcrowding at the entrances of the stations, are the responsibility of this controlling mechanism. From the first day of the implementation of the framework for the gradual lifting of restrictions, the OASA itineraries, according to the Deputy Minister of Transport, will be as follows:

In the metro and electric , today, the frequency of the trains is at 7.5 minutes during peak hours and is planned to go down at 6 minutes.
On the tram , from 11 minutes, the goal is to reach 8 minutes at peak hours.
On buses and trolleys , out of 550 vehicles in circulation today, the number will increase to 1,000 in the near future.
It is noted that from Monday there will be the possibility of transporting two more people of the driver, in the movement with the cars . At the same time, all cars, regardless of the single or even registration number, will be able to move in the center of Athens as the ring will not be valid for the month of May.

The full schedule -What opens, when and by what rules
First stage: May 4
In the first stage, which takes place on May 4, retail companies ( bookstores, optical, sports equipment, plant sales, consumer markets and the release of producers for public markets between regions ) and the provision of services (hairdressers, barbershops and beauty salons) ). 

Regarding the observance of the distances in the companies that will reopen, they are as follows: In the retail enterprises
up to 20 sq.m. 4 people,
20 sq.m. – 100 sq.m. 4 people + 1 person / 10 sq.m. and
more than 100 sq.m. 12 people + 1/15 sq.m.


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Regarding the regulation of the business opening hours of the companies, their start is transferred at 10.00 am. with extended hours on a case-by-case basis, keeping a distance of 2 meters per person, using a mask for staff and customers, while it is recommended not to use elevators, but if necessary then 40% of the provided persons are allowed to use while if the store is rolling the customers are not allowed. use of the elevator

general directions

For barbershops, hairdressers and beauty salons, a distance of 2 meters will be applied between the workplaces. Arrival of customers only by appointment and their registration in a list that the company will compile at the beginning of daily operation. It is mandatory to use a mask for everyone and disposable gloves for employees in beauty salons .

The opening hours are released from 7.00 – 22.00 on weekdays and from 7.00 – 21.00 on Saturdays. Restrictions on the concentration of retailers apply. In case of more than one level, the presence of more than 1/10 sq.m. is not allowed.

The same terms of customer attendance apply to the operation of KTEO . In the popular markets, the operating measures of 50% and non-sale of industrial items remain

As announced by the Deputy Minister of Health, Vassilis Kontozamanis, from Monday, regular surgeries and afternoon surgeries will be reopened on Monday .

Second stage: May 11
In the second phase, which will be implemented on May 11, the rest of the retail companies will restart with the same rules of the first phase. Industrial items are returning to the public and driving schools are reopening, with masks and gloves.

Third stage: May 18
In the third stage on May 18, archeological sites, zoos and botanical gardens will reopen while performances are not allowed. Gambling stores also reopen without providing services to seated people.

Fourth stage: June 1
In the fourth stage, on June 1, the shopping centers, restaurants and cafes are reopened with a distance of 2 meters and 4 people per table.

On the first day of June, the open all year hotels will re-open , according to the government’s plan to lift coronavirus measures.

Fifth stage
In the fifth stage, which will be determined in June, the summer cinemas will resume with a distance of 1.5 m between the spectators per row and a fullness of up to 60%. The 12-month-old hotels are also reopening, with terms corresponding to cafes and restaurants.

Sixth stage
In the sixth stage , recreational parks, theme parks and outdoor playgrounds reopen , with the same distance rules.

Seventh stage
In the seventh stage, restaurants and cafes are reopened indoors, entertainment businesses, holiday accommodation and sports facilities.

Exorbitant fines for those who do not wear masks
Fines come for those who do not wear masks, where it is mandatory, after lifting restrictive measures.

The fine is expected to reach 150 euros for those who do not wear a mask . Business fines, which do not comply with the measures, are expected to be quite high. At the same time, after the lifting of the restrictive measures, announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the fine for violating the quarantine of 5,000 euros remains, as well as the fine of 1,000 euros for the gathering of more than 10 people.

Kefalonia Pulse Opinion – What about tourism we here you say!

The data we have so far suggests the key steps to answering this question involve;

  1. EU decision on common practice for opening borders
  2. EU decision on health passport
  3. Decision on who is responsible should someone display Covid symptoms on holiday (maybe covered in steps (1) & (2)
  4. Endemic status in UK this Summer and if a quarantine period is adopted for those returning from abroad also more generally country guidance as several european countries are recommending their citizens holiday at home which clearly in most cases boosts there economies and inherently reduces spread of virus across borders.
  5. Country specific implementation guidelines including procedures on arrival, at hotels, beaches etc., quarantine procedures, health safety of resident population (Greece in general is suggesting a external tourism season from July onwards with potential elongation of season.
  6. If Greece opens it will  not necessarily open islands with insufficient ICU care eg Kefalonia ( we note rather than lose the remaining season it would potentially be cheaper to open the islands ICU!)
  7. Demands and airline availability


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