The construction of the Sami – Karavomylos pedestrian bridge was “wrecked” by the army (MOMKA).

On Wednesday 12-8-2020, we made a report on the construction of the coastal footbridge Sami – Karavomylos, by the army (MOMKA).In that report we wrote:

” Wednesday, August 12, 2020

“The Kefalonia & Ithaca MP, Mr. Panagis Kappatos, and the Commander of MOMKA, Brigadier General Mr. Klouvas, carried out an autopsy on the pedestrian bridge of the coastal Sami – Karavomylos, for the construction of a new one by the army

. , he stated, that “the time has come” (the construction of a new bridge), “a chronic request of the inhabitants of the area to be fulfilled”.

He thanked the Mayor of Sami, Mr. Monias, the Deputy Mayor, Mr. Antonis Kalivokas, the competent employee of the Vice-Region, Mr. Kokoliadis, “for their help, to carry out the project”.
Mr. Klouvas measured the bridge, gave instructions to the employee of the Sub-Region Mr. Kokoliadis and to the Deputy Mayor of Sami, Mr. Nikos Rassias, for the works that must precede the construction of a new bridge by the army.
 We asked Mr. Klouvas when the new bridge will be installed and if it will be accessible for the disabled. His answer was, “as soon as the necessary preparation is done by the Sub-Region” (demolition of the old bridge), “for us it is a matter of hours the installation of the new one, there will be the possibility of access for the disabled from it”.
The Deputy Mayor of Sami, Mr. Rassias Nikos and Mr. Kalivokas Antonis, as well as the employees of the Deputy Region also attended the autopsy. Mr. Kokoliadis and D. Filippatos. “

Everything you read above … forget it!
The reason is that, MOMKA, asked for the length of the new bridge to be thirteen (13) meters, from twenty (21) that it is!
 Because the bridge is located at the mouth of the river, its narrowing from 21 to 13 meters, creates reasonable risks of flooding along it, with all that entails for neighboring properties.
The Municipality of Sami did not accept such a thing. 
 In a telephone conversation we had with the Mayor Mr. Makis Monias, he told us that “the bridge will be built by the Municipality, the study is ready, the funding is there, a program contract is expected to be signed between the Municipality and the Sub-Region, for the supervision of the project , by an engineer of the second and this due to lack of engineer from the services of the Municipality of Sami.
Tasos Kavallieratos.
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