The course of construction and operation of the waterways in PIN. (Seaplanes in the Ionian Islands)

2019-2023 period
to the Regional Council
22/01/2020 teleconference, 1 the 2020 meeting on 9th

The course of construction and operation of the waterways in PIN.
The extremely important importance of licensing, constructing and operating a coherent water network on the islands of the Ionian Islands Region is a common ground.
The importance is on the one hand to serve the economy of the region and especially on the easy movement of visitors and on the other hand to create satisfactory cohesion conditions for the Region.
In this regard, the previous ANASA Regional Authority concluded programming contracts with the Municipal Ports of Kefalonia / Ithaca and Lefkada, with the municipality of Meganisi and the National Port Authority of Zakynthos, undertaking the construction of the Zakynthos Port Authority Lefkada, Meganisi and Zakynthos respectively.
This effort has encountered many difficulties, among which are worth noting:
  • the extremely cumbersome operation and response of port fund services, and
  • the change of legislation twice in recent years.
However, the process went a long way for all four waterways (Argostoli, Ithaca, Lefkada and Meganissi). .
Especially for the Lefkada aqueduct, the environmental impact study received green light from the Regional Council.
Funding for the design process was also ensured.
Taking a look at the current state of affairs, we were surprised to find that no steps have been taken since the summer of 2007, so far as the Ports Funds of the municipality of Meganisi do not respond to relevant Decentralized Documents for additional information. , as well as on the part of the Zakynthos Regional Authority and the Port Authority, which did not sign the program contract.
It is necessary for the Regional Council to decide on a specific timetable for the completion of permits and at the same time to allocate the necessary resources for the construction phase.
  • Meeting of the Monitoring Committees for the Kefalonia / Ithaca, Lefkada and Meganisi Programs and a two-month deadline for the completion of the authorization.
  • Signing of the Zakynthos Port / PIN Fund Programming Contract and assigning the relevant studies within thirty days.
  • Completion of the Zakynthos Water Permit within four months.
  • Allocation of funds from the CAP projects / actions of the respective Kefalonia / Ithaca, Lefkada and Zakynthos RWs for the construction cost in the first modification of the PIN action plan and budget.
  • Bidding process, construction of the necessary infrastructure and licensing by the end of 2020.
  • The Registrar is hereby authorized to implement this decision.
Theodore Galiatsatos
head ANAS
Ionian Islands Regional Governor

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