The cruise ship returns to Piraeus with the 12 cases of coronavirus – Anxiety for the 1,588 passengers

The cruise ship “Mein Shiff 6” is expected to arrive in Piraeus, by order of the Civil Protection, after the detection of twelve cases of coronavirus in crew members.

According to information, upon his arrival in Piraeus, the tests will be repeated in the twelve crew members who tested positive for covid-19 , while tests are expected in the rest of the crew.

According to the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, the cruise ship has carried out 150 sample checks on the crew, where the 12 cases were detected, while the passengers have not undergone any detection test, as all had undergone sampling checks before boarding the ship and the results were negative.

The cruise ship has 922 passengers and 666 crew members.

This cruise ship operates the route Heraklion-Piraeus-Corfu.

The captain had disembarked from the cruise ship two passengers who did not comply with the measures
It is worth noting that a few days ago the captain of the German cruise ship Mein Schiff 6 of the company TUI had disembarked from the ship two passengers who did not comply with the measures for the coronavirus and got off for a walk.

According to the newspaper Merkur, the two passengers “left the rest of the group as soon as the ship docked in Piraeus. According to a TUI representative in the Berliner Kurier newspaper, the cruise was organized from 13 to 20 September with a starting point and destination, Heraklion, Crete. The behavior of the two passengers in the port of Piraeus violated the rules because “anyone who leaves the group risks being infected with the coronavirus and then transports it to the ship”.

It is recalled that the specific ship “cut the ribbon” of the resumption of the cruise on September 13. The ship was claimed by Malta and Italy for launch, however TUI chose Heraklion.

Municipality of Milos: No passengers disembarked on the island
With its announcement, the Municipality of Milos informed that no passenger from the cruise ship disembarked either today or last week on the island.

We inform the citizens of Milos that the mentioned cruise ship, with a cruising course from Piraeus to Crete and a stopover in Milos, DID NOT PASS ONE PASSENGER IN MILOS, NOW TODAY OR EVERYWHERE

The mentioned ship arrived openly in the gulf of Milos without disembarking its public, with the sole tourist goal of enjoying its passengers from the sea famous places of our island, such as Kleftiko and Sarakiniko. It will remain immobilized off the port of Milos, awaiting instructions from the Ministry of Civil Protection.

By order of the Mayor of Milos, after consultation with the Port Authority of Milos, actions were launched to restore the truth because a specific electronic newspaper spread false news, harmful to our island, violating the code of journalistic ethics, if not a valid fact.

The Mayor of Milos, Emmanouil Mikelis, condemns any attempt to tarnish the efforts of the Municipal Authority and other bodies and citizens, in terms of preserving the public health of all and demands that the immoral posts that panic the citizens and our tourist public be corrected.

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