The decisive step was taken for the construction of the Regional Operational Center for Civil Protection of the Ionian Islands in Lefkada – The Regional Council voted the free concession of the use of a property of P.I.N. at the General Secretariat for Civil Protection


  The contract for free concession of use of part of the property owned by the Ionian Islands Region in the location “KOULIMOS” or “MAGMENOU” to the General Secretariat for Civil Protection for the construction of the Regional Operational Center for Civil Protection (P.P.) was approved by a majority. Ionian islands

 Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou: “Our Region will acquire a modern Business Center, integrated in the national planning of Civil Protection”

 The approval of a free concession contract for the use of part of the property owned by the Ionian Islands Region , at the location “KOULIMOS” or “MAGEMENOU” PC. Apolpainas Lefkada, with KAEK 340060704201/0/0, to the G.G. Civil Protection for the construction of the Regional Operational Center for Civil Protection (PE.KEPP) of the Ionian Islands, within the National Crisis Management and Risk Management Mechanism, in accordance with the provisions of article 17 of Law 4662/2020 (Government Gazette A’27 / 07-02-20), decided by a majority the Regional Council of the Ionian Islands, during its meeting -with a teleconference through the platform e: on the afternoon of Friday, March 19, 2021.According to the decision of the Regional Council, the said property is granted for 30 years (with the possibility of extension for 10 years) to the General Secretariat for Civil Protection for public benefit and specifically for the construction of the Regional Business Center for Civil Protection (PE.KEPP). .) Ionian islands.


According to the planning, PE.KE.P.P. will have a business room with the most complete and most modern technological equipment , while it will be in operation on a 24-hour basis daily. Advanced communication systems will ensure seamless and continuous communication with all stakeholders. There will be a connection with the National Operational Center for Civil Protection, as well as with the Local Operational Centers for Civil Protection of the Municipalities of the Ionian Islands Region. It will be headed by a fully trained Director and will be staffed by staff, either from the Security Forces or the Armed Forces. In its premises, among others, there will bewarehouses in which materials will be stored, necessary for the immediate response to emergencies (floods, fires, earthquakes, etc.) throughout the Region. At the Regional Operational Center for Civil Protection of the Ionian Islands, moreover, the critical meetings of the Regional Coordination Body of Civil Protection (PSOPP) will take place, with the physical presence of the Regional Coordinator of Civil Protection and the Regional Districts. Security. There will be the possibility of hosting the independent Directorates of the Region , so that in times of crisis everyone who has the responsibility to monitor and evaluate the events, to be present, to cooperate with the Scientific Committees and to manage the respective crisis, according to the orders of the Governor of the Ionian Islands .

The Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands, Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou , stood by her position on the importance of such a Regional Business Coordination Center of Civil Protection (PE.KEPP) for the Ionian Islands. As he characteristically stressed: “The creation of the Regional Operational Coordination Center for Civil Protection in Lefkada is a great achievement for our Region as there was on the table the possibility of placing it in the area of ​​Vonitsa for business reasons and not within the geographical boundaries of the Ionian Islands Region. Gone are the days when other services and agencies, concerning the Ionian Islands Region, left our islands and went to the opposite mainland. It now seems that the state bodies respect the Ionian Islands Region more than in previous years for its institutional upgrade and its cohesion “.

Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou also stated that modern Regional Operational Centers for Civil Protection will be in all Regional Units in accordance with the plan of the Ministry of Citizen Protection.

For his part, the Vice-Regional Commander P.E. Lefkada, Andreas Ktenas, underlined the upgrade of the operational capacity that the Ionian Islands are now acquiring, while Lefkada is emerging for its spatial key role. He pointed out the great efforts made by both the Regional Authority and himself, as he had undertaken the role of proceedings in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Civil Protection and the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, in charge of Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalia.

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