The delegation of the Municipality of Sami and the President of Poulates for the new wind turbines are in the Prosecutor’s Office today

A delegation of the Municipal Council of Sami headed by the Mayor Gerasimos Monias – Nettis was found this morning at the Prosecutor’s Office of Kefallinia, following the relevant decision of yesterday’s extraordinary Municipal Council. The Mayor was accompanied by the legal advisor of the Municipality of Panagi Drakoulogonas, the deputy mayor Antonis Kallivokas, the municipal councilors Pantelis Amourgis, George Kavallieratos and Spyros Spathis, as well as the representative of the Municipality of Sami in the Board of Directors of Siferas The President of our Community, Georgia Flamiatou, was certainly with them as, as everyone understands, Poulata is in serious danger from the existence of the wind farm north of the residential fabric.

The delegation handed over to the Prosecutor a memorandum which points out the danger to the lives of the residents of Poulatos and Karavomylos from the unloading and installation of the new wind turbines that arrived yesterday morning in the port of Sami. The memorandum calls for the suspension of all road construction works to the wind farm of Evmorfia and the installation of wind turbines in it, until it is ensured that the planned flood protection works have been implemented in full that will protect the two villages and the wider area from floods. .

For his part, the Prosecutor stated that he will study the case always within the framework of the law and his responsibilities, as well as the previous decisions of the District and the Decentralized Administration for the project, while he gave a deadline until tomorrow to present additional documents. as well as the expertise of the competent engineer of the Municipality.

In the meantime, in the port of Sami, the mobilization with the guarding of the area continues until now, so that the wind turbines are not allowed to be unloaded, at least until the issuance of the prosecutor’s decision.

For our part, we would like to point out once again in every direction, that as our President and all the inhabitants of Poulatos have repeatedly stated, the danger that lurks every day for our village is great. The streams that start from Evmorfia and run through Poulata are really full of rubble and carried materials that in the next big storm will drag whatever they find in their path. For this and beyond any prosecutorial decision but also the end of the mobilizations, the immediate cleaning of all streams and torrents in the area is required by the competent teams of the Region and the Municipality. Then a complete flood control study should be done and obviously construction of catchments that will hold the volume of materials, so that they do not end up in our village threatening lives and property. Of course we should not forget the constant request of the Poulats for the reciprocal benefits they are entitled to from the wind farm that literally hangs over our heads.


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