The Department of Cleanliness of the Municipality of Argostoli informs

The Municipality of ARGOSTOLIOU appeals to the Citizens, especially business professionals with an increased volume of waste, to comply with all cleanliness rules.

A. Particularly for Butchers, Fish, Fruit and Vegetable Stores, Retail Stores, Caterers, which are already experiencing problems .

It is explicitly stated in the Municipal Cleanliness Regulations: “Those responsible for any kind of health-care shop must pack in SPECIAL PROPERTIES AND GOOD CLOSED BAGS (which will have the name of the store and the distinctive mark etc) and place them in the green mechanical bin no later than half an hour before the scheduled removal.

Also, waste from the kitchen of restaurants, kitchens, cafes, grocery stores or any other business with catering, before being placed in the bags above, must have been drained and sealed in a specially designed container.

B. Explicitly stated in the Municipal Cleanliness Regulations: “Packaging materials or recyclable materials, MUST NOT be placed in or around Green Trash Bins.

BLUE recycling bins are available for these materials.

The operators are required to have previously minimized the volume of these materials, in particular cartons by compression or other appropriate “breaking” and strapping.

In case of violation of these provisions, the Municipality imposes (in accordance with the Cleanliness Regulations) on the offender a financial fine, which is doubled in each case of repeat infringement. We hope that we do not have to find ourselves in this awkward position.

From the Department of Cleanliness of the Municipality of Argostoli

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