The English Language General Information Facebook Sites of Kefalonia

We were recently approached to add links to a general Facebook site about Kefalonia, which we have done within this table but decided we would also add all other general Facebook pages which use English as primary language and have over 500 members.

They are listed in chronological order they were established.

Name Established Members Group Description
Loving and Living on Kefalonia October 2012 5737 Post photos and stories and anything that has to do with our beautiful Kefalonia!! Only people with a profile picture are accepted…NO member
requests of “Pages” will be accepted…
Those of you who have visited, or want to visit, or live permanently on our beautiful island are welcome to post!!
The Beauty of Kefalonia January 2014 3678 Please post your photos or videos that show the wonders of our incredible and diverse island! You may post anything you like, animals, landscapes, seascapes, sunrise or sunset, trees, plants or flowers! No commercial activities and no discussions please!
Kalimera Kefalonia February 2014 4574 Positive Press for Kefalonia! Post photos, experiences.recommendations and anything that has to do with Kefalonia!!! But NO direct advertising OR self promotion
Kefalonia Unplugged August 2014 16015 The number one Group for all things Kefalonia. Here to entertain and educate. Welcome! All comments made are made by individuals and as such are not the views or responsibility of the Group Administrators and Moderators
Kefalonia Social Hub October 2014 717 Any news or social activity that you want to post, or items of advice are most welcome. Anything I feel is not appropriate will be deleted. I hope it will be informative and bring people together.please do not post items for sale business or jobs, these should go in to the other Kefalonia groups set up for this purpose.
Kefalonia Information Board July 2015 2168 This forum has been created to help those who have chosen to live on the island and share information that may benefit others in the group.


Kefalonia Holiday Information July 2016 3709 This group is created in order to discover Kefalonia and get information and recommendations about all the hidden places of this beautiful island ! Here you will be able to get all the inside information about Kefalonia ! What is strictly not welcome is politics . Enjoy!
Kefalonia by Us July 2017 4800 The fastest growing, Number 1 Kefalonia group out there! Come share all of our wonderful experiences with us. 🇬🇷 Instagram page kefalonia_by_us

For those looking for specialist information on Kefalonia there are many more sites too numerous to list which cover amongst other things;

  • Buying and selling property
  • Renting Property
  • Buying and selling second hand items
  • Charities on the island including FLIK and CAT’s
  • Gardening on the island
  • Walking clubs on the island
  • Local and national news
  • Local car hire, adventure activities, hotels, bars etc.

Most are easily found via a quick Facebook search and provide good factual information and peoples perceptions and opinions of most things on the island.

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