The epidemiological picture of Kefalonia during the week of February 28 to March 6

According to the official data of the National Organization of Public Health, in the period from February 28 to March 6, our Prefecture showed only 8 new cases of Covid-19 disease, with an average of 1.83 cases per day per 100,000 inhabitants, just behind the Lassithi with 1.52, Florina with 1.67 and Laconia 1.76 On the contrary, Argolida shows the worst performance with an average of 34.45 cases per 100,000 inhabitants per day, followed by Achaia with 36.53, Argolida with 35, 18, Fthiotida with 29.16 and Thesprotia with 28.51.

From the beginning of the pandemic last March until yesterday in our Prefecture, 160 cases had been officially confirmed, ranking it in absolute numbers in the last position of the relevant list, now ahead of Lefkada which shows 164 cases. In terms of total cases per 100,000 inhabitants, Cephalonia and Ithaca show 410, also in the last place among the Prefectures of the country. In second place is Lassithi with 490 cases and in third place Preveza with 534. The top five is completed by Chania with 586 and Messinia with 598 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. On the contrary, the most epidemiologically affected areas of Greece remain Thessaloniki with 3,351, Pella with 3,247, Pieria with 3,121, Drama with 3,118 and Kilkis with 2,870 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

In total, the confirmed cases of coronavirus in our country now amount to 203,978. Unfortunately, 6,705 of our fellow citizens have died, ie 3.3% of the patients, while 452 patients are in the Intensive Care Units, 73 more than last Saturday. Finally, in terms of the age distribution of confirmed cases, 41.8% are aged 40-64, 34.1% aged 18-39, 16.9%, those over 65 and 7.2 % under 17 years.

The burden of the viral load of Kefalonia and Ithaca last week was of the order of 5.4%, while at the national level the weekly burden was 7.5% with a total of 1,886 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, compared to 1,755 by Saturday. February 27. In total, the case index on our island is now 4.6 times lower than the pan-Hellenic index, compared to 4.5 times in the previous 7 days.

At the level of the Ionian Islands Region from March until now, 593 cases are identified per 100,000 inhabitants with a total of 1,233 patients of the disease, of which 641 or 52.5% in Corfu. In Zakynthos 262 cases are identified, ie 21.2%, in Lefkada 13.3% of cases and in Cephalonia 13.0%.

As far as the development of the “Eleftheria” operation is concerned, 1,069 vaccinations were carried out in the Regional Unit of Kefalonia last week. Their total number now amounts to 4,789 with 3,168 of our fellow citizens having received the first dose of the vaccine, while 1,621 have completed the program. The percentage of the population of Cephalonia that has been vaccinated with even one dose reaches 8.85%.

Nationwide, 1,091,749 vaccinations have been carried out, while 725,388 people, corresponding to 6.71% of the country’s population, have been vaccinated with at least one dose of the vaccine. Finally, regarding the Ionian Islands Region, 14.36% of the population has been vaccinated in Ithaca, 11.76% of the population in Lefkada, 5.28% in Corfu and 4.80% of the island’s inhabitants in Zakynthos.


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