The initiative is implemented in the context of environmental responsibility

In an important move to reduce its environmental footprint, it announced the everest chain, which has been removing the plastic straw since Monday, February 18 , replacing it with a biodegradable, environmentally friendly straw.

According to the announcement, this initiative is being implemented in the context of the environmental responsibility of the chain and the commitment to lasting improvement in packaging, recycling and environmental management.

The company’s CEO, Katerina Papageorgiou, said: “Everest is one of the largest catering chains in Greece with more than 200 sales points and thousands of employees. One of our basic principles is to use our size and know-how to contribute to the common good. That’s why it is a priority for us to make a lasting investment in reducing our environmental footprint in an effort to become better and to contribute in practice to environmental protection. “

What are biodegradable straws:

Biodegradable straws are environmentally friendly, as they have as their main ingredient PLA (biodegradable polyester produced from plant starch), which is produced from renewable plant raw materials such as corn starch and cane. They are biodegradable and compostable, that is, under composting conditions they are broken down by microorganisms. Consequently, when disposed of, they do not contribute to the waste of non-renewable raw materials, such as plastic straw. Biodegradable straws need not be recycled, as they decompose like any other organic waste, food remains. Ideally placed in a composting machine, their break-up time is 8 weeks, after which they are converted into fertilizer.