The fallen bridge on the road to Myrtos is due to be replaced with a temporary Bailey bridge imminently and detail of all other restoration projects

  • Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou: “In the coming days, the Bailey bridge will be placed in the Winter Park, giving a temporary but safe solution to the issue of reconnection of the – cut in two by” Ianos “- Kefalonia”
  • The first concern of the Regional Authority, beyond the progress of the rehabilitation projects, is the payment of compensation to the victims

complete and detailed record of all the technical projects, which are in progress or are being launched in Kefalonia and Ithaca , the Regional Authority proceeded in response to the issue, which was introduced at the meeting of the Regional Council, on the afternoon of Friday, March 19, 2021, by video conference through the e : Presence platform . gov . gr , the leader of the “People’s Rally for the Ionian” faction , Alexandra Balou entitled: “The course of the works, 6 months after the disasters of” Ianos “in Kefalonia and Ithaca. Compensation for victims for homes, professionals, farmers, beekeepers and fishermen “.

The Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands, Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou, informed the body that in the coming days the Bailey -military-type bridge will be placed in the Kefalonia Winter , after information from the Minister of National Defense, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, which will allow to reconnect the island, which had been cut in half after the impact of extreme weather events “Ianos”.

The Regional Governor stressed, however, that what is also very important is the compensation of the victims and in this direction the services of the Ionian Islands Region work daily , despite their frightening understaffing.

The Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou also mentioned in Technical Bulletin of the total project budget of EUR 115 million for the restoration of the “Ianos” stressing that it is the best evidence of careful and responsible work that has been done by the Regional Authority. As Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou pointed out :“The understaffing of the services of the Ionian Islands Region, as well as the grid of Public Administration procedures, greatly complicate our work. However, it is our responsibility to see what financial tools the projects will be included in order to be executed as soon as possible. We are trying with all our might to respond, as we are the ones who have the responsibility of carrying out the restoration works “.

For his part, the Vice-Regional Commander P.E. Kefallinias & Ithaca, Stavros Travlos , referred to the actions of the Regional Authority and its services, both in the field of prevention – “it is very important that there were no victims” , the Territorial Deputy Regional Minister stressed – and after his catastrophic passage ” ianos “ from the two Ionian islands. He underlined the presence of the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, in charge of Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalia , in Kefalonia from the very first hours of the great damage from the extreme weather phenomena. According to Stavros Travlos , in the coming months there will be auctions for restoration projects of the damages of “Ianos”, but also elaborations of studies. As he also stated to the Regional Council, the Regional Authority will exhaust all legal possibilities in order for the procedures to “run” faster.

Stavros Travlos also cited in the body all the technical works contracts in Kefalonia and Ithaca, which deal with projects and daily operations , which in no way stopped because of major disasters caused in the two islands of the “Janus” but instead continued to run in parallel with efforts to restore the two islands to normal after damage from extreme weather events. These technical works contracts in Kefalonia and Ithaca are as follows:

· ” MAINTENANCE AND RESTORATIONS OF THE ROAD NETWORK OF ITHACA” , P / Y 230.000,00 € (Date of signing 30-10-2020). The project had been auctioned before “Ianos”, but in the course of time most of it will be spent for repairs of damages caused by “Ianos”.

· “MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS OF ROAD NETWORK OF PALIKI” , P / Y 230.000,00 € (Date of signing 6-11-2020). The project was auctioned before “Ianos”.

· “TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE FOR THE REHABILITATION PROJECTS IN THE POSITION” BROSAETOS “P.E. ΙΘΑΚΗΣ », Π / Υ 100.004,00 € (Date of signing 24-12-2020). Done with the urgency procedure, no. 32.2.c of 4412/2016.

· “IMMEDIATE REHABILITATION INTERVENTIONS IN THE PROVINCIAL ROAD NETWORK OF ITHACA”, P / Y 360.000,00 € (Date of signing 24-12-2020). Done with the urgency procedure, no. 32.2.c of 4412/2016.

· “ASPHALT LAYING, MARKING AND INSURANCE IN SECTIONS OF THE PROVINCIAL ROAD NETWORK OF KEFALONIA”, P / Y 387,887.88 € (Date of signing 8-3-2021). The project was auctioned before “Ianos”.

· The funding for the study of the Pylaros basin amounting to 1,600,000 euros was recently approved by the Minister of Development . Due to the complexity of the subject of the study, with a decision of the Economic Committee of the Ionian Islands Region, it was decided to assign the services of a technical consultant for the preparation of the public procurement file.

· Regarding the flood pipeline of Agia Efimia, there is cooperation with the Ministry of Development for its financing, which is expected to have a positive development.

The following contracts are expected to be signed next week (invitations to sign the contract have already been sent):

· “REHABILITATION OF WALKING ROADS OF THE ROAD NETWORK OF PIN – TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE”, P / Y 74,400.00 €. Done with the urgency procedure, no. 32.2.c of 4412/2016

· “STUDY OF NEW BRIDGE AND IMPROVEMENT OF PROVINCIAL ROAD SECTION OFENTRY”, P / Y 242,276.94 €. The study was auctioned before “Ianos”.

The following competitions have been posted on ESIDIS:

· «VEHICLE RESTRAINT SYSTEMS IN E.OD. ΚΕΦΑΛΛΗΝΙΑΣ & ΙΘΑΚΗΣ », Π / Υ 600.000,00 €. Open competition.


The Regional Council also decided to accept the first installment of an amount of 20,000,000 grant from the Ministry of Interior for emergencies from natural disasters.

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