The fire continues to burn in Zakynthos above the beach of Navagio (shipwreck cove)

The picture is better in the battle with the fire in Zakynthos.

The fire that broke out yesterday at noon in the area between the beach of Navagio and Agios Andreas Krimon, continues to burn, with the fire brigade trying to reduce it during the night. Ground forces worked all night to contain the blaze, which was burning far away from residential areas, but by morning firefighters had not been able to contain it.

103 firefighters have been operating at the scene since the evening with 28 vehicles and 5 pedestrian units, as the intensity of the fire also brought the reinforcement of the forces. In fact, with the first light of day, they are expected to assist by air with two helicopters and two aircraft. The fire was initially near the settlement of Volimes , but the danger was quickly removed from the houses.

The General Secretary of Civil Protection, Vassilios Papageorgiou and the Chief of PS were also in the area yesterday. Lieutenant General Stefanos Kolokouris where they undertook the coordination of the fire brigade.

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