The fire in Ancient Olympia seems uncontrollable

Uncontrolled fire in Ancient Olympia – Photo file

Dimensions have come to light in Ancient Olympia, which broke out early Saturday afternoon.The fire has already burned 70 acres of forest.

The site is operated by 112 firefighters, 33 vehicles, 5 hiking teams, 3 A / S, 2 PZL, 5 E / P, 7 OTA tankers and 2 project machinery. At this point all the aviation resources available to the area are sought and assistance requested and expected from Athens and other fire engines.

According to the Ilia Live website, the evacuation of Xirokambos did not proceed, as the fire forces managed to control the front of the fire.

Photos of the fire in Ancient Olympia
The fire broke out at 12:00 noon on Saturday and according to ilialive at 15:30 there was a great resurgence and is now raging uncontrollably.

The area is home to Ilia’s deputy mayor and newly elected Ancient Olympia Mayor George Georgiopoulos and Ilia Police Chief Apostolos Martzaklis.

The fire rages out of control
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