The fire period has started – What people have to do

A few Simple Do’s and Dont’s

The fire-fighting period of 2019 is officially launched today, and the tragedy at Mati is still fresh, but the Firefire is ringing the alarm this summer, noting that the vast majority of fires are due each year to human negligence, recalling the measures to be taken strictly for the prevention of fires, as well as the actions of each citizen in the event of a fire. This is the call to 112 when we are at a point where there is no signal for mobile phones.

“Greek nature, a mosaic of landscapes with unique biodiversity and sensitive ecosystems, is a pole of attraction for people from all over the world … Each year, it is threatened by forest fires, which are favored by the high temperatures and strong winds prevailing in the summer months, says the Fire Brigade in a statement and stresses what we need to do to stop or even limit the disaster that occurs every year and not to mourn other human lives.

To prevent fire

– Avoid outdoor hot work that may cause a fire (welding, use of a sparking wheel or other tool)

– We do not light outdoor grills (barbeque) during the summer months in the forests, nor in places where there are dried grass and branches

– We avoid bee smoking and do not leave the lit burning remains in the open air, because they may rebound and cause a fire

– Under no circumstances do we burn dried grass, branches, reeds and rubbish in the open air

– We never throw cigarettes and matches, from the car window, nor when we are in the woods

– We do not leave garbage in the forest, because there is a risk of ignition, or glass bottles, because they may cause a fire on dry grass, through solar radiation

– We do not use fireworks in areas that are close to woodland

– We never park our vehicle in dry places. The car catalytic converter is maintained overheated for a long time after the engine has been switched off, making the fire hazard visible

– We take into account that sparks caused by exhausting of all types of vehicles can create conditions conducive to fire

– We always comply with prohibitive access signs to the forest, in times of high risk

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