The first pilot message from the European Emergency Number 112 was sent to mobile dozens of citizens.


In particular, in the test alert conducted by the civil protection business center, a “Emergency Notification” message was sent to mobile phones, with the note that it was a test broadcast message.

The pilot test was conducted at the Fire Brigade in the presence of the Minister of Digital Governance.

112 is a top priority

In particular, the government spokesman, Stelios Petsas, in the briefing on the lethal bad weather in Halkidiki, said that 112 is the first priority.

“Emergency number 112 works in other European countries but not in Greece,” the government spokesman said, stressing today that a special meeting with mobile phone representatives and a pilot test will be held.

Civil Protection Secretary Nikos Hardalias said, speaking to ERT, that he would become the first major test of the pan-European emergency number 112, “so that something that is self-evident, useful and can save lives in a short time becomes a reality.”

Why did not the emergency line work immediately after Eye?

Impediments to the use of the European Emergency Number have come to the surface after the catastrophic fire at Mati, as it would save hundreds of people an evacuation message that was never taken.

Following the tragedy at Mati, when the requests for full 112 operation became more and more intense, the Civil Protection General Secretariat, which included 112, announced that it was due to be ready in early 2019. However, this was not the case either Wednesday night when a severe wave of bad weather hit Northern Greece and especially Halkidiki, where seven people died.

It is noted that according to the initial planning, the project was to be financed from the previous programming period 2007-2013, but due to delays in its implementation it had to be included in the new NSRF 2014-2020.

The system is expected to consist of two parts:

  • The incoming, that is through which citizens can communicate with 112 and their geolocation is made and
  • The outgoing, which is essentially the Cell Broadcast Service, through which citizens are informed via SMS to evacuate risk areas.

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