The first 3D crossings in Athens

The useful… eye-opener, is outside of elementary school and kindergarten in Chalandri. How they will work

Road safety is a major issue for Greek society, on a daily basis and at every level. Even outside of schools, where, unfortunately, drivers do not slow down as they have to, both during the morning and lunch hours when students arrive and leave, and during the day where lessons are taken.

And of course , in most schools in our country, municipalities have not ensured that such crossings exist, where pupils should pass and drivers should stop. But even where there are crossings, on the one hand, not all students are passing through, and this is an issue that should be raised by teachers and teachers because we are talking about safety.

Now, in order to raise public awareness of proper driving behavior and at the same time to enhance road safety, the first three-dimensional (3D) crossings were created in Greece, around the 2nd Elementary School and 2nd Kindergarten, Chalandri. Litsa, Sev. Callisphere and Aeschylus in the center of Chalandri.

        The first 3D crossings in Athens

Each lane seems to be hovering over the road, creating an optical illusion visible to drivers, with the goal of slowing down as they approach schools. This idea has been implemented by several road safety bodies in different countries around the world, noting positive results where they have been implemented.

Energy is OK’s initiative! Anytime Markets in collaboration with the Urban Act artists group, who also designed and implemented the mural that adorned the school building on the environment, raising even more students, teachers and parents.

The original idea of ​​3D crossings being implemented for the first time in Athens by OK! Anytime Markets is part of the company’s broader Corporate Social Responsibility program, Near the Neighborhood, with the aim of creating more such 3D crossings in other areas of the capital.

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