The first chain in Greece to bring meat-free burgers

The new trend, sweeping the US, was brought to Greece by Goody’s Burger House. The well-known chain becomes the first in Greece to put on its menu alternative meat-free burgers.

Following the global trend and trend that has come to stay, Goody’s Burger House gives consumers new opportunities, whether they are vegan or just want to reduce meat consumption, but without compromising on taste.

As it is known today, more and more consumers are looking for alternatives to their diet and want to reduce meat consumption, but at the same time not sacrifice taste and enjoyment.

This is where the Goody’s Burger House comes in. This is how they become the first chain in Greece to bring the new Meat Free Burger.

This vegan burger is intended for all consumers as it does not sacrifice flavor.

The new vegan burger is made from vegetable ingredients only, has a high protein content (19g of vegetable protein / slice), is high in fiber and contains less fat than a corresponding meat burger.

The burgeoning composition is complemented by vegetables and sauces, such as Mustard, Ketchup and Vegan Mayo Sauce at Goody’s Burger House.

What really makes a difference is the fact that the new product is available at a very affordable price compared to similar market alternatives and is already available in all Goody’s Burger House stores in Greece.


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