The first communication of the Municipality of Sami with the contractor company of the wind farm in Xerakias was completed

Late in the afternoon, the telephone communication between the Mayor of Sami and the leaders of four of the five municipal factions with the Director of the contractor company that has undertaken the construction of the wind farm in Xerakias, Mr. Dimitris Karagoule, was completed.

Immediately after the completion of the communication, the Mayor informed the citizens who remain in the port of Sami in order to prevent the unloading of the wind turbines. In his short speech, Mr. Monias pointed out that the company offered to give immediate control by the services of the Municipality of all the studies of the project, in order to determine that the provisions of the relevant environmental conditions have been observed. At the same time, Mr. Karagoules promised that the company will assist the Municipality of Sami in the implementation of flood protection projects in our area, which acknowledges that it has been affected many times, although they are not required in the context of the investment in Xerakias, as he said.

For their part, the Mayor and the leaders conveyed to Mr. Karagoule the anxiety of the residents in the Municipal Units of Sami and Pylaros and their opposition to the creation of another wind farm in Cephalonia, while they asked for a two-day extension in order to be placed, as important the subject meetings with officials. He concluded by stating that the mobilization in the port will continue and the unloading of the wind turbines will continue, until the Municipal Council and the citizens take their final decisions.

It should be mentioned that in the morning the reputable journalist Sakis Voutos hosted Mr. Karagoule on the show “The Citizen’s Step” on the Ionian Galaxy radio station, who stated that the wind farm is owned by PPC and will have a capacity of four wind turbines with a total capacity of 9 , 2 MW in the context of the effort to de-lignify the country and increase the participation rate of renewable energy sources. In addition, he categorically stressed that the park will have zero burden on the area in terms of water volume and that therefore there will not be the slightest danger for Sami, Karavomylos and Agia Efimia. However, he did not mention Poulata, who according to what was said in the extraordinary Municipal Council on Sunday, are also threatened, but neither for the large volume of debris left on the construction site. Finally, he reiterated the company’s commitment to assist the Municipality in its flood protection effort.

We are waiting with great interest for the developments that have literally raised Poulata and our Municipality.


One thought on “The first communication of the Municipality of Sami with the contractor company of the wind farm in Xerakias was completed

  • October 7, 2020 at 6:40 pm

    They have build some pretty jaw dropping infrastructure (mountain roads) for these things. Makes me wonder if they really pay for themselves or if it’s just all subsidies. Oh well, at least these roads make for some nice driving opportunities for 4WD owners, fantastic views!


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