The first drilling in Patraikos ………… 2020 ! (announced at a meeting earlier this week)

The Group’s General Manager for Strategic Planning & New Activities and Executive Member of the Board of Directors appeared in the hope of the positive outcome of the Hydrocarbon location in Greece. of HELLENIC PETROLEUM Mr. George Alexopoulos, speaking in the proceedings of the 23rd Round Table Discussion with the Greek Government, organized by ECONOMIST Magazine in Lagonissi.

“Our own expectations are further encouraged by the recent discoveries of significant quantities of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean, which together with the possible discovery of comparable exploitable fields in Western Greece will further enhance the energy prospects of the wider region, facilitate the completion of infrastructure projects which are in progress or are now being launched in our country, while at the same time making Greece the gateway to energy products in the European Union and the region eiako strategic energy hub “, he said. Alexopoulos features.

He added, however, that “exploration and development of hydrocarbons is not a race for speed but a marathon”, as it will take several years for geological and geophysical studies, the acquisition and interpretation of seismic data, the preparation and execution of drillings, in case of discoveries – the development of the necessary production infrastructure.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM, as the Director of Strategic Planning & New Activities of the Group has highlighted the long experience and accumulated knowledge of its trained personnel for the geology of Greece and plays a leading role in the field of Research and Production. By successfully implementing its strategic planning, it has already signed lease agreements for five (5) land and offshore areas in Ionian and Western Greece, while the ratification of four (4) Contracts by the Greek Parliament is pending. At the same time, it strongly reinforces its collaboration with leading international companies such as ExxonMobil, Total, Repsol and Edison, making a decisive contribution to the national energy security and supply-efficient endeavor, a communiqué said.

“We are currently preparing to carry out the first exploration drill, which will take place in 2020 in the Gulf of Patras,” said Alexopoulos, adding that both the Hellenic Petroleum Group and the major international companies with which it collaborates are committed to implementing fully implement all the environmental protection measures provided for in national and Community law and which are the most stringent in the world.

Speaking at the ECONOMIST Conference on “An Energy Sout in Southeastern Europe: The Business Perspective,” the Hellenic Center for Strategic Planning & New Activities General Manager analyzed the conditions expected to prevail over the coming years in the international energy market, as well as the complex challenges that Greece faces.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM, as has been highlighted, adopts the global and European goals for the transition to a low carbon society and supports the goals set by the United Nations and the European Union to mitigate the effects of climate change. To this end, it actively promotes Energy Transformation:

Focusing on the continuous improvement of energy efficiency and the reduction of energy intensity, and

By investing in new activities and developing modern low carbon footprint technologies.

In particular, the 5-year Development Program of the Hellenic Petroleum Group foresees – among other things – further reduction of the total energy consumption in the refineries by 5% and in the stations by 30%, the implementation of projects for improvement of energy efficiency and energy recovery, the completion of all processes for the Digital and Energy Transformation, the development and production of new generation biofuels and new low carbon footprint products, and the rapid increase of Renewable Energy nergeiako mixture Group. Already, the Group currently has 600MW RES projects portfolio at various stages of development – of which 26 MW are in operation – and has set as an intermediate target of installed capacity 300 MW – mainly from photovoltaic and wind projects.

At the same time, Mr. Alexopoulos highlighted the initiatives of the Association of European Petroleum Companies, to contribute substantially to the EU’s ambitious goals of tackling climate change. “The EU refining industry recognizes the challenge of climate change and the need for global action and wants to be part of the solution,” he said, adding that oil will continue to have a significant share in the global energy mix over the next few decades, while the demand for liquid fuels will continue to rise after 2030. In this context, the European refinery’s comprehensive proposal for moving to the low-carbon economy entitled “Vision 2050” has recently been presented, where it pledges to continue to reduce CO2 emissions by continuously improving the energy efficiency of its production process and the gradual transition to new low-carbon raw materials such as biofuels, waste, green H2, renewable energy, electricity from renewable sources, even CO2 through carbon storage and re-use. Thus, the Refinery of the Future will differ significantly from its current image, as it will transform into a low carbon footprint in synergy with other sectors such as renewable energy, biofuels, or district heating. As a result, companies will supply the market with liquid fuels and products with a progressively lower carbon footprint,

“The ambition and concern of the Hellenic Petroleum Group is to continually reduce its carbon footprint, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions to become a modern and innovative low-energy energy company,” he concluded in an annual ECONOMIST Conference Mr. Alexopoulos.

The Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis, the Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. George Lakkotropis and the former Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Giannis Maniatis, while the panel of speakers was attended by Pierre Vergerio Chief Executive Officer of IGI Poseidon, Nicola Battilana Chief Executive Officer of DESFA, Mrs. Katerina Papalexandri Director of Trans Adriatic Pipeline, Mr. P. nagiotis Kanellopoulos, CEO of M-NG TRADING SA, Mr. Konstantinos Karagiannakis Executive Manager in ICGB AD and Mr. Orestes Omran, Senior Consultant and Head of the European-Greek department of DLA Piper.

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