The fish have disappeared from Lake Karavomilos.

Lake Karavomilos. A lake of particular natural beauty and geological – hydrological interest, as its waters come from the Argostoli Caves, following the underground route, Katavothres, Basin of Ainos, Melissani, Lake Karavomilou and from there to the Gulf of Sami.

study conducted in 2010 by IGME found that lake water spilling into the sea ranged from 0.07 m3 / sec to 0.6 m3 / sec.
The temperature ranges from 14 to 19 C. The
whole study, you can see it HERE 
belongs to the complex of ” karst forms of Kefalonia, along with Lake” Abyssos “and” Little Akoli “.

The green surrounding it, the picturesque surroundings (abandoned in its fortunes in recent years), along with its proximity to the Gulf of Sami, “complete the puzzle”, a beautiful and highly visited area.
The lake’s fauna refers to fish,  head and sea bass, eels,  as well as to the cave at its top,  bats .
Since 2012, with the Presidential Decree  APA: B4TH0-PMM, the lake has been included in the “small island wetlands”.

This ordinance also officially prohibits lake fishing and a number of other activities that disrupt its ecosystem.
In recent days, villagers have observed the disappearance of fish from the lake.
Hundreds of heads and sea basses … disappeared as if by magic !!!
Where you sit and watch them sail in the water, looking for their food, now the question is whether or not you’ll see one or two.
What happened … we do not know … all we know for sure is that the fish did not leave the lake on their own … this is impossible because of the door and the mill that exist in the estuary !!!
In 2013, we had rewritten forlake and we seek protection , then the Municipal Authority and competent .. authorities .
In the commentary of our comment we wrote:
“This post is for the sole purpose of protecting the lake from actions that disrupt its ecosystem. We hope the Local Council and the Municipality Karavomilos Kefalonia, take care of the matter and comply with the limits activities imposed by the presidential decree that we present … because lately the situation has probably escaped !! “
course, anyone’s ear not sweat …
We hope to sweat now and take serious care of its protection, cleaning up the surrounding area, putting up a relevant aesthetic sign indicating the importance of the lake to the geological and water complex of Kefalonia.
Tasos Kavallieratos.


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