The Five Pillars of Tourism 2020 – The plan of the Ministry of Tourism for the Summer

Through the online platform Greece From Home, Greece as a destination will remain alive during the pandemic

The industry will try to turn to  in order to be able to save what is saved from this season, which at the moment seems to be a lost bet not only for the Greek market but worldwide.
As the Minister of Tourism, Haris Theocharis , pointed out in today’s first – after the outburst of the crown – tele-interview on the occasion of the presentation of the online platform Greece From Home , an initiative to strengthen the image of our country during the pandemic . at the moment it is not possible to estimate when exactly this crisis will end and with this given we must move.

He stressed the global dimension of this severe crisis, which makes it even more difficult – as he said – to solve this crossword puzzle.

“Domestic tourism, which has traditionally not been the subject of the ministry, will be a way out of supporting the industry in this very difficult year. We are concerned about the possibility of all businesses surviving, which is not just up to our country. There are parts of the chain that are affected by decisions taken by the governments of other countries, but they will also have an impact on our country, “the minister said.

Five pillars

The pillars on which the effort to restore Greek tourism will be based, according to the leadership of the ministry will be:

  • The emphasis on domestic tourism.
  • Supporting demand at European and national level.
  • The rapid opening of Greece’s borders provided security and the methodology used to do so. If this is achieved earlier compared to other markets, it will give a comparative advantage to Greece.
  • The strength and ability to deal with the health threat effectively from our country. The first concern is the safety of citizens and tourists, but the benefits of dealing effectively with the pandemic in relation to the international average will be obvious.
  • The expansion of the tourist season, as according to the messages of the industry, there will probably be a demand that has been retained in the first half of the year and will necessarily be implemented in the second. However, even in this perspective, the question mark of the so-called second wave of the virus remains, which according to members of the scientific community may escalate next autumn.

“Our whole effort is to manage to start Greek tourism as soon as possible during this period of unprecedented situation for humanity,” said Mr. Theocharis, adding that the year started with an upward trend of 24% and while a year-record was expected for Greek tourism, now we have to rebuild a lot of things from the 

The Greece From Home platform

Immediate reflexes in the management of the crisis due to the pandemic of the crown were shown by the tourism agencies, creating in just two weeks the online platform  Greece From Home , an initiative to strengthen the image of our country during the pandemic with its cooperation. ministry , EOT , Google and Marketing Greece.

The Greece From Home initiative, with the main message “from home”, has three main goals: to help people around the world stay in touch with Greek culture and our culture, to discover and be inspired by the beauties of Greece. and enhance their digital skills, all while staying home.

“Today, in addition to measures to protect public health, shield and restart the economy and rebuild Greek society, the government is taking initiatives to strengthen and manage the image of our country as a tourist destination as part of its overall strategic approach. pandemic of  “pointed out Mr. Theocharis.

He even added that in these difficult times, the public and private sectors are cooperating perfectly and working intensively to give the stigma of Greek tourism to a difficult present in time, while preparing for the next day.

The design of the Greece From Home platform was done by the Chief Creative Officer of the Greek government, Steve Vranakis and his creative teams Ithaca Lab and Prinz & Co, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, EOT, Marketing Greece and Google.

Online promotion

EOT immediately proceeds to the online promotion of the platform, aiming at the main markets of origin of visitors to our country through its offices abroad so that through Greece From Home it can maintain the relationship of the Greek brand with the international public throughout its pandemic. Covid virus – 19.

“Greek tourism is practically present in an unprecedented crisis. As long as our visitors stay at home, we as a brand and as a destination are close to them, from our home, from Greece, through Greece From Home “noted the General Secretary of EOT, Dimitris Fraggakis .

“We are living in a time of shock and what we all need to do is join forces. Today, more than ever, Greece and Greek tourism need to send as far as possible their own message of hope and optimism, that these days will be gone and we will all be together again. Until this time comes, we invite the international travel public to dream of the safety of their home the moment they visit our country and live the Greek summer, “said  Ioanna Dretta , CEO of Marketing Greece.

The third axis of the Greece From Home initiative, which concerns education, is addressed primarily to Greek tourism professionals and is implemented with the support of Google, which has important digital tools for free interactive home training through the Grow Greek Tourism Online Online program.  

For her part, Ms. Peggy Antonakou, Google’s general manager for Southeast Europe, said: “The period we are going through represents an unprecedented challenge for our society and our economy. Health is now a top priority, but it is important that we continue to communicate, create and learn.

“I see, I travel, I learn”

 The #greecefromhome initiative consists of 3 pillars:

 I see

People are encouraged and inspired to stay home, staying connected to the country’s culture, through the EOT  Visit Greece  channel on YouTube. The channel will offer new and selected content by Greek artists from around the world and will include Greek music, gastronomy, theater, dance, sports, fashion, as well as videos with destinations and experiences from all over Greece.

I travel

The goal here is for everyone to be able to “visit” Greece from their home. Through a digital portal is created with rich content and exciting digital experiences. Archaeological sights and museums, villages and traditions, gastronomy, touring, enjoying nature… all from the safety of our home. 

YouTube, which has more than 2 billion monthly users and more than 1 billion hours of video viewing per day, will also be used in this direction.

I’m learning
In order to strengthen tourism businesses with the right skills, the Greece From Home initiative, in collaboration with Google’s Grow Greek Tourism Online program, presents a series of new home learning initiatives. These trainings are available from April 2 and will be offered free of charge on a daily basis. They include interactive online group seminars, covering a variety of topics, from how to create a digital marketing plan for your business, to how to work remotely and more. There is also the possibility of private online meetings directly with one of Google’s specialized partners, so that each company can receive personalized advice for its digital presence, tailored to its needs. 

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