The Flu Deaths keep Increasing: 91 dead this Winter – 17 died in a week

Intensive in hospital / Photo: Eurokinissi

There are 17 other victims of the virus within one week . 

According to figures released Thursday, KEELPNO shows that 97% of the fatal cases were infected with type A flu and mainly with the known pandemic H1N1 strain.

In the reference laboratories of influenza, from 18 to 24 February, 287 clinical samples from all hospitals were tested, with 103 of them (35.9%) positive for influenza viruses. 

The overwhelming percentage of 97.1% (100 out of 103 positive cases) was type A and only 2.9% (3 cases) were type B. 

The 79 type A strains were subtyped, of which 15 (19%) belonged to subtype A (H3N2) and 64 (81%) to subtype A (H1N1) pdm09 and 316 serious cases of laboratory confirmed influenza were recorded, of which 305 were hospitalized at Meth.


Out of these cases vaccinated were 46 (15%).

Increased influenza activity

HCDCP reports in its report that flu activity remains high and highlights the importance of influenza vaccination as the best way to prevent influenza. 

However, he notes that during the last week of recording (February 18-24), the cases of flu-like illness were reduced compared with the previous week (10-17 / 02). 

It raises Greece

Official evidence from HCDCP shows that flu has deprived hundreds of lives in Greece. 

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