The foundations are being laid for the flood protection of Agia Efimia || The study of the rainwater disposal pipeline was approved

The implementation of the study of the Ionian Islands Region for the rainwater drainage pipeline , which was submitted in September to the Municipal Council of Sami, and was approved unanimously in the November 9, 2020.

It concerns a project, amounting to approximately 4,000,000 euros, which was designed 20 years ago, its study was prepared 15 years ago and no initiative was ever taken for its implementation.

The Deputy Regional Governor of Kefalonia and Ithaca, Stavros Travlos , personally edited and updated the study in order to respond to the data of climate change and changes at the local level of those factors that burden the creation of floods and was submitted to the Municipal .

The project is technically and socially difficult, as the pipeline passes through the coastal core of Agia Efimia, which in the summer months gathers a large number of Greek and foreign visitors. However, despite the temporary disturbance during its construction, the pipeline is considered necessary for the flood protection of the settlement.

The pipeline will cross the City Plan, will be an underground concrete box with a width of 4.5-5.5 m., And an average depth of 3.0 m., A total length of 580 m. And will be able to channel 115 k. μ. water / second.

At the same time, with the main project, the accompanying projects that concern the Pylaros Basin as a whole should be done.

” The cooperation of all is required, ie local self-government bodies, productive bodies and the residents themselves” emphasizes the governor of the Ionian Islands Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou .

These projects should be constructed outside Agia Efimia, in order to stop the waters of extreme weather phenomena before they reach the settlement, thus ensuring the best operation and adequacy of the pipeline.

The pipeline project is a first part of the integrated plan for effective flood protection of the Pylaros basin.

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