The FREEDOM Project – Timetable for vaccination in Greece – The appointment process

The Pfizer / BioNTech coronavirus vaccine has been approved and EU countries are now looking forward to its distribution on 26 December.

As soon as the vaccine got the final green light for distribution in all EU countries, the countdown for vaccination in Greece began, which will begin on December 27 , with the president of the National Vaccination Committee Maria Theodoridou and the general Secretary of Primary Health Care, Mario Themistocleous to reveal the detailed planning for its distribution, storage and administration.

The timetable for the arrival of vaccines in Greece

Marios Themistokleous, general secretary of Primary Health Care, announced the general plan with the vaccination, stating that on December 26, the first installments will come, which will be 9,750. These will be provided to the medical staff, as provided by the plan of the ” Freedom ” company.

The schedule in detail as announced by Mr. Themistocleous:

  • On December 26, Greece receives the first batch of 9,750 doses of vaccines
  • On December 27, the first vaccinations will take place in the following hospitals in Attica: Evangelismos, Sotiria, Attiko, Thriasio, Asklipieio Voulas.
  • On December 28, the doses of vaccines will be distributed to the following hospitals: University Hospital of Larissa, AHEPA, University of Ioannina and Patras Hospital
  • Vaccinations will begin on December 29 in the above hospitals.
  • By December 30, Greece will receive 83,850 doses of the vaccine.
  • By the end of January it will receive 429,000 installments and another 333,450 installments by the end of February.
  • According to yesterday’s announcements, Greece will receive 1,265,550 installments by the end of March .
  • oses from Moderna and AstraZeneca are expected to be added in January when and if approved by the European Medicines Agency.

Who will be vaccinated first

As it is known, the workers in the field of Health will be vaccinated first. Older people will follow, with priority given to structures such as nursing homes or closed structures for the chronically ill and people with other problems. The general population will start vaccinations later, in 2021.

How the age groups will be divided

Detailed information on the way in which the vaccinations will be carried out in Greece was given by the Minister. Digital Governance Grigoris Zarifopoulos.

According to Mr. Zarifopoulos, together with the health workers, the elderly will be given priority , starting with those who are hosted in structures. The Undersecretary of Digital Government explained that the intangible prescription will be used and through AMKA the division into ages will be done. As it turns out, the first phase will concern those over 85 years old, while the group over 75 years old will follow and so on.

The first group to be vaccinated will include those who have underlying diseases (dialysis, transplant, etc.). Mr. Zarifopoulos argued that in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the process will be determined by which sensitive information will be provided – such as allergies and the underlying diseases or special medicines that a patient receives – for each citizen.

How to make an appointment for the vaccine

The platform is expected to be launched immediately, through which one can make an appointment for the vaccine. The appointment will be made either this way, it is from natural points (eg by appointment in pharmacies). From the platform, citizens will be able to be informed about everything that has to do with vaccination. For the general population, the platform will open in the second ten days of January.

Regarding the appointment process, citizens will receive SMS through the intangible prescribing system . With this message they will be informed about the day, the time and the vaccination center to which they should come. Citizens will have to confirm the appointment and then show up for the vaccination. In case for any reason, the appointment does not serve someone, he should ask for a new one, either by entering the relevant platform or by contacting KEP or the pharmacy in his neighborhood.

How to store and distribute

According to Mr. Themistokleous, the “Freedom” operation is put into operation with the arrival of vaccines in the country. These will be stored in special areas as the government has procured the refrigerators in which they will be stored. The location of the refrigerators remains secret, with the Ministry of Defense responsible for storage and Civil Protection for safekeeping. The vaccine will be stored in five special areas.

How much will the EU pay for each dose of the vaccine?

According to an EU document revealed by Reuters, the European Union has agreed to pay 15.5 euros per dose for the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. In total, the EU will receive 300 million doses of this vaccine. In Greece, the government has stressed that it will be provided free of charge to citizens.

Kyriakidou: There is now light on the horizon

The approval of the vaccine and its arrival in EU countries from Sunday, is a “light on the horizon” as said the EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakidou . “There is light on the horizon. “Six months after the start of the vaccine strategy, we have signed six contracts with the most promising vaccine manufacturers to treat the coronavirus,” he said.

Regarding vaccination, he pointed out that “we are facing an unprecedented mass vaccination and I say that because there will be many difficulties that we will have to overcome together and there are still many that we have to calculate. This is not the time to declare victory, it will only come when we defeat the pandemic. “But it’s time to say that this is a very important day for European citizens. This vaccine is an important step towards ending this coronavirus pandemic for a safer and healthier European Union.”

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