The Future of FLIK: (Important read for those who care about supporting people/groups in Kefalonia)

The Future of FLIK #saveFLIK

Dear Member,

The Officers of FLIK met last week to organise and discuss the upcoming AGM and future plans.

2020 started with a flurry of fund raising events, which raised over 1000 euros and all was set fair for a bumper year. Then came Covid, restrictions on numbers being allowed to meet, quarantine and finally lockdown. Although restrictions are being slowly lifted there is still anxiety about being in a large group, even if vaccination certificates and identities are checked. There is also apprehension that we could face more restrictions in the coming year.

Over the years it has been in action FLIK has raised large amounts of money that have been donated to local schools, the hospital, community groups, the Orphanage, Old People’s Homes and of course the fire fighters. There has been a great sense of pride about the fund raising which has been through both large scale events and smaller events held in people’s gardens and homes. There has been great fun had by all and it has to be said many slices of cake and cups of coffee consumed.

A number of people have devoted large amounts of time and energy to organise events and made links with local community groups. They have worked as groups or individuals to raise funds.

Now however some of our members have left the island, choosing to return to their families living outside Greece. Although there are newcomers to the island it has been difficult, if not impossible to introduce them to the Charity and explain about the many good causes that have been helped over the years that FLIK has existed. The lack of events for them to attend as an introduction to the organisation have not existed.

Some of the organisations and good causes we have supported have become more independent, receiving larger funds from other Charities based in Greece.

There is also a perception that FLIK “is for old people”.

People have less disposable income and have to make tough choices regarding expenditure.

The last two years have taken their toll on charities worldwide and FLIK is no exception. For several of the officers there have been life changing events and we all felt that it would be a good time for another group of people to take FLIK forward.

For that reason the current officers will all be standing down at the AGM and following that there are two possible outcomes.

1.We hope that there are people amongst our members or new people who will be willing to come forward and fill the vacancies. People who have new ideas and can create a list of organisations to support and also organise events that appeal to a wide age range and different interests.

In this way the work of FLIK can continue to benefit many.

2.Sadly we also have to be prepared to face the prospect that there will not be sufficient interest in taking on the roles of officers and that FLIK as it exists now has reached the point of no return and in this case will need to be dissolved. The Constitution does have a section to cover this eventuality.

Para 12.1  The dissolution of FLIK shall be at the approval of not less than two-thirds of the members at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General meeting.

Para 12.2  In the event of dissolution, all funds shall be used in payment of outstanding Debts, as prioritised by the Executive Committee. Any residual monies shall be disbursed to good causes as may be agreed by a simple majority at a general meeting.

 Thank you for reading this letter: a pre AGM meeting will be announced at which there will be information available on the roles and responsibilities of the officers and an opportunity for people to express a willingness to stand for election.



Letter – The future of FLIK – December 2021



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