The German “Bachelorette” is being shot in Kefalonia

A beautiful woman is asked to choose from 21 men the one who will win her heart – 200 people of the production are already on the island – 15 to 18 foreign productions chose Greece this year for shooting

Greece now has a prominent place on the map of international producers. The shooting of many movies and TV producers has already started and of course what stands out is the Hollywood production of Disney for the life of Giannis Antitokoumbo .

The third sequel of “Greek Wedding” is also being shot , produced by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, an action comedy film with Daniel Craig (the last incarnation of the 007 movie), who will be coming to Porto Heli for filming this summer . and a science fiction film by David Cronenberg . To all the above we should add productions of movies, TV series and foreign reality shows. In the last category stands out the German ” Bachelorette “, whose shooting has started a few days ago in Kefalonia .

The German crew for the shooting of the reality show is already on the Ionian island, while the company that has arranged the shooting locations as well as the accommodation of the players has already selected two properties in the area of Ai Heli , one of which belongs to the former PASOK Minister Petros Efthymiou . The concept is quite familiar to everyone, as it reminds of the well-known reality show “Bachelor” which was shown in Greece by the television station ALPHA. However, in this reality show, the only thing that changes are the roles. Here, a beautiful woman is called to choose among 21 men the one who will conquer her heart and fulfill her dreams. In fact, the name of the dating game is not “Bachelorette “, but” Queen of the Kings “! According to the script, the competing men go through different phases of the game where they go out on separate dates with the beautiful “queen” in idyllic locations in order to live pleasant and romantic moments and the girl chooses them for the next phase.

The villa where the reality show is filmed belongs to the former PASOK minister Petros Efthymiou

The process is completed when there is a contestant left at the end , who is also the one who wins the game beyond the heart of the protagonist. For the purpose of filming, therefore, as it was said, two impressive properties have been selected with a pool and a view of the endless blue of the Ionian Sea. One of them, which belongs to Mr. Efthymiou, is located in the area of Livathos , in the south of the island. There is also the beach Ai Heli , which has a sandy beach, clear and shallow waters. It closes at both ends of large hills that create a beautiful setting. The house of the former minister has been built on the edge of a hill, while on the opposite hill is the summer residence of his fellow citizen, also former PASOK minister, Christos Verelis . Mr. Efthymiou’s house is located on the highest point of the hill, literally on the edge of the cliff, with stunning views .

The villa in which the protagonist of the reality show will be

According to information, the former Minister of Education has for some years rented his house to a real estate management company , which leased it to the production to shoot the reality episodes , which will start broadcasting on the German RTL channel, possibly by next August. The other villa chosen by the production for the needs of the show is equally impressive and belongs to an architect. The protagonist of the game is going to stay in this . As the manager of the Kefaloniapress website Eleni Hioni told “”, Shooting will take place in many areas of the island such as the famous grotto of Melissani , the magical Fiskardo , perhaps the uniquely beautiful beach of Myrtos , and that’s because there are still serious problems with the road and beach access.

Last year’s cast of reality.

And of course, shooting will take place in other more isolated areas. The crew of the German production had already come to Kefalonia for at least a month to choose the shooting locations. All the technical staff stay at the ” White Rocks ” hotel in the area of Lassi , which opened much earlier for the accommodation of about 200 people of the reality show. According to local factors, this production is another advertisement not only for Kefalonia, but also for Greece . Thanks to this reality show, many entrepreneurs in the tourism and catering industry of the island hope that many Germans tourists will choose Kefalonia for their holidays . It should be reminded that a year ago, again, the German production of the dating game had chosen Crete , and specifically Chania, for TV shooting.

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